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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quotations for Teachers

Quotations for teachers
Paying full attention is the first skill that you have to master in class before you become a very good listener. We have to be a good listener because we will listen to our loved one’s lamentation. (Mani Jack)

Teachers have to be humble because all the knowledge that a teacher has mastered is crafted by God and His angels. (Mani Jack)

A teacher who does not care about the students is a teacher who can’t forgive themselves, others and has long conflicts with God. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who enter your class with anger and hatred are teachers who have been fed with anger and hatred since the day they were born. (Mani Jack)

Teachers are meant to save the lost soul. (Mani Jack)

Great teachers change the way you think and feel. On the hand, a bad teacher breeds monsters in our streets. (Mani Jack)

Before you start teaching, create a connection with the students. Otherwise, you will be talking to yourself as long as you teach. (Mani Jack)

Teaching is just a first chapter while educating is a complete book. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who always put the blame on the students when something goes wrong are teachers who fail to solve the conflicts within him or her. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who always torture his or her students are the products of child abuse. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who love the students are the teachers who always believe in God and the existence of hell and heaven. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who can’t make the students understand the subject are teachers who don’t understand everything about their own subjects as he or she depends too much on textbooks and workbooks without making efforts to create his or her own innovation. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who inspire the students are teachers who are inspired by many great and inspirational figures in the past. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher expects the best and gives the best as a teacher must understand the law of the universe while a bad teacher expects the best but gives the worst. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who punish the students blindly are teachers who have been punished blindly by his or her parents, brothers, sisters, colleagues and bosses.  (Mani Jack)

Teachers who hate the students hate themselves. (Mani Jack)

Teachers, administrators, parents and society and government should make education their top priority as teachers cannot save the children alone. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher sends flowers with permanent fragrances, while bad teacher sends flowers with the bleeding thorns. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher saves, motivates, heals, inspires, shares, educates, improves, changes, encourages and teaches while a bad teacher condemns, hurts, despises, hates, divides, impedes, discourages, breaks, tears, abandons and avenges. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher melts your rebellious heart while a bad teacher burns your broken heart. (Mani Jack)

As a teacher, we only have two options; to be a savior or to be a destroyer. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher enters with a smile and hope while a bad teacher comes with AK-47 and explosives. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher creates a light in a raging darkness and clears your confusion while a bad teacher triples all your sorrow and anger. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher makes you smile while a bad teacher makes you wild. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher teaches with angels while a bad teacher teaches with a demonic past. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher wakes you up while a bad teacher gets you to put a very heavy make-up. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher helps you to realize your dreams while a bad teacher makes sure that you are locked in those dreams forever. (Mani Jack)

Teachers should never practice racism because all races are involved in creating who we are today. (Mani Jack)

        In conclusion, it is not easy to be a teacher as the challenges are beyond our expectations and control. However, teachers must understand that they are a thinker. Teachers are also an adaptor, who can adapt to any changes. Teachers should never give up because when we give up, the whole education system will collapse. (Mani Jack)

        To students, it is okay for you to expect a lot from your teachers, but it is completely unfair if you fail to play your role as a student as blaming and waiting game is a very destructive and negative attitude. In other words, you must understand that teachers are just ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS who have weakness and strengths. Therefore, focus on the teacher’s strength instead of his or her weaknesses. Otherwise, putting the blame on others will be our permanent habit. If something is wrong or inadequate in our education system, we should start working on the solutions. We must focus on the solutions, just and only solutions. Do not ever focus on the FAULTS. Furthermore, all of us are responsible to improve the current education system especially the students because you will play more roles as you grow up. (Mani Jack)

Originally written by: Mani ak Jack 17th/May/2012