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Monday, May 7, 2012

Teenager's Dilemma and its solutions

         Hi everyone! I am Mani Jack. I have something very interesting that I would like to share with you regarding human psychology which is related to how we deal with those who can negatively affect our lives. This article is meant for teenagers, educators and parents who wish to understand more about things that we cannot see that can be very harmful and destructive.

          I always believe that things you cannot see are more deadly than things that you can see. I also believe that most scientists will disagree with me as they are more interested in something that they can see and touch. One of the most dangerous things that teenagers cannot see as they go through the teenage life is ill intention. 

          Ill intention is caused by a person's failure to cope with changes, pressure, competition, ill treatment and sad childhood memory. If all teenagers have a very sharp intuition to see this ill intention through their biological censor (intuition, premonition, instinct), they can prevent themselves from making big mistakes in their lives before they leave school.

          Let me give you a very simple example. When I was at UITM, Shah Alam, my own cousin always persuaded me to drink beer with him. I, being a very sensitive person, I could sense something was wrong as I love to analyse the chronology of sudden changes in a person's behaviour. That cousin of mine had never cared about me before. He hardly talked to me as I came from a very poor family. All of a sudden, he was being extraordinarily kind to me. I knew that he was trying to drag me into his drinking world so that I would lose focus on my ambition to finish my first degree on time. He tried many times to influence me to join his drinking sessions. I turned down all the invitations. He was mad and annoyed as he was a man who could not accept rejection. I was being very affirmative with my decision. As he failed to drag me into his destructive world, he stopped talking to me. I was happy as I could do my core business as usual. Upon graduation, I was told by a friend that my cousin didn't make it. He failed to complete his thesis. He went tome without a degree. I was so glad and grateful that I had made the right decision. I am not against drinking. I am against bad drinking habit. In other words, I don't want to befriend with a drinker or a drunkard who drinks for the sake of destroying his own friends and blood. 

          I believe that you have been wondering how I did it. First of all, as a teenager, you must learn more abut the art of questioning because there are so many people out there who are not as positive as you. You must learn to question everything that is laid in front of you in order to improve your critical thinking skills  and sharpen your intuition. You must not deny the power of your sixth sense. If somebody is kind with you, you must do your own analysis by collecting data about that particular person in order to find out who he or she really is. Do not judge blindly. Let your intuition guide you because your intuition is guided by angels. These angels are sent by God to help you make the BEST decision. If you master the art of questioning, nobody in this world can make fun of you. You will not be colonized by the mentally and emotionally corrupted minds.

           The main cause of choosing the wrong friends is loneliness. I understand that we cannot prevent making mistakes as it is a process of growing up. But I do hope each of you especially the teenagers to take a sit and do a long self-reflection about everything that you have done before. Loneliness is another beautiful form of Satan to take away our concentration on our primary goals. People are lonely because they are so busy looking for good friends. In order to prevent loneliness, we have to learn to be a good friend. If each of us learn to be a good friend, we do not have to play the waiting game as happiness is never meant to be found but created. 

          In conclusion, you as teenagers must try your best to listen to your sixth sense about the upcoming danger as ill intention is colourless and odourless. Good luck and thank you for reading.

Originally created by: Mani ak Jack (English Teacher of Sainsku) 


by Mani Jack

    Created on: May 04, 2010
    Many people talk about honesty and admire an honest person. Honesty is sometimes considered as heavenly attitude. Honesty is said the key to perfect relationship and corruption-free government. In other words, honesty is the opposite word for lie. Ironically, honesty is another form of lie that appears in the name of honesty in order to save the beauty of honesty itself.
    Let me share with you some fine examples that we have seen or heard throughout the course of this life. The first example is when a protective father who tries to prevent his son from playing outside the house late in the evening. The first lie that a father would tell his son is “Get in son. It’s getting darker outside.
    Most of the time, this is the time for wild animals and wild spirits search for their prey.” The son was scared of the fear created by the father that the son didn’t know that his father was actually doing that for the sake of having a sufficient time to watch his favourite movie or show.  
    Perhaps the father never had the intention to tell lies but because of his self-interest, he had no choice but to create frightening fantasy for his son in order to keep things the way he always wanted.
    The second example is, when a husband creates lies throughout the years of his marriage. I believe women are always busy looking for an honest husband, the one who will never think of cheating on them. No matter how honest a man can be, lie is a part of a man.
    An honest husband also has to lie because as long as long wife is concerned, a wife will always consider another woman as a threat. A husband who is having lunch with his colleagues who are woman will be considered as cheating even though the husband has never thought of having any affair with his female colleagues.
    If the wife finds out that his husband is having lunch with his female colleagues, home could be a living hell for at least two days. Pity this honest husband. In order to avoid this long argument, the husband has to lie to his wife saying that he is having lunch with his male colleagues and will create male names.
    The third example is about the government. The government is equal to a group of politicians who have been using and abusing words throughout the years of their involvement in politics. In other words, politicians have to lie due to some strong reasons.
    The first reason is to strengthen the ruling party. For example, they will talk about all the good deeds they have done for the people without mentioning anything that they have constantly destroyed. The second reason is to secure their seat for as long as they breathe.
    As long as I can remember, only a few will step down when the people have lost trust and faith in them. Most of the time, many politicians will do almost anything on earth to keep their position in the government. The last reason is to melt people’s anger towards the government on some critical issues.
    In conclusion, lies and honesty are intertwined since the creation of man.
    Learn more about this author, Mani Jack.

    Writing Assignments for form 5 students.

    Dear young minds of tomorrow,

    Hi! How are you? I hope that you are fine. I have something for you to do in order to improve your previous result.
    In the previous exam, you had written about one of the topics. For self- improvement, you are required to write about the four topics that you didn’t choose in the previous exam. The notes are provided. You are given 3 days to complete each essay. In other words, you are given 12 days to complete the whole assignments. Good Luck. If you wish to get the BEST result, you don’t have a choice but to give the BEST. If you fail to complete this, God and I will work closely together to teach you a lesson that you will never forget in your life. Sleeping in the class can be a habit. Obviously, GIVING THE BEST can also be a habit.

    Assignments (Essay Writing)
    “You do not have to rewrite the essay that you have chosen in the previous exam.”
    1. Describe the happiest day of your life. (Dateline: 4th April – 6th April 2012)
    2. “The internet is mostly a good thing.” Do you agree? Support your opinion. (Date line: 7th-9th April 2012)
    3. Write a story beginning with: He stared at the face in the mirror.” (Dateline: 10th-12th April 2012)
    4. My Ideal School. (Dateline: 13th – 15th April 2012)
    5. Movies. (Dateline: 16th-18th April 2012)

    Length: 400 words.


    Question number 5: Movies
    1. Choose five movies that change the way you think and feel.
    2. Include details of the movies such as the names of the actors and actresses. If you can make a list of the names of the directors, that would be a bonus.
    3. Write briefly but clearly about the introduction, conflicts and the ending of the movie. (Avoid rewriting the whole story.)
    4. For each movie, write about anything that you learn from the movie. For example, if the movie teaches you about determination, relate it to your own personal experiences. In other words, it is called self-reflection.  And then, talk about the importance of determination.
    Question Number 4: Ideal School
    1. Administration.
    a. How do you run the school?
    b. What kind of principal do you want? Do you want him or her to be friendly, sensitive, thoughtful? Make a list and give reasons.
    c. Vice principals: help the principal. (share the same goals and principles, work as a team)
    d. Teachers: What kind of teacher do you want? Give reasons.
    Believe in God (faithful)
    Understanding: (to create connection with the students)
    Friendly: (comfortable to talk to)
    Fair: (students will respect the teacher)
    Determined: (will not give up on the weak students)
    Funny: (to help the students to like the subject)
    Open to criticism: (to make learning and teaching more effective)
    Supportive: (to create a long term relationship with the students, to develop sense of humanity)
    Positive/enthusiastic: (always look at the strengths instead of weaknesses or fault finding)
    Passionate: (to really master the knowledge in order to help the students understand the subject)
    Sense of guilt: (give the best in everything he or she does as the teacher will think critically before making any decisions or judgments)
    Sensitive: (to help students to have great hearts, to develop empathy)
    Forgiving: (no one is perfect, sometimes we didn’t really mean to hurt or disappoint a person)
    Respectful: (Respect yourself before you respect others, a teacher cannot force the students to respect the teachers as respect comes naturally when there is a collection of good reasons)
    Inspiring: (A teacher must come up with a lot of strategies, have a lot of great characters to inspire the students to be a better person)
    Thinker: (A teacher who is a thinker will do anything to help the students to like and understand his or her subject)  
    1. swimming pool
    2. atm machine
    3. washing machine
    4. air conditioner
    5. salon
    6. mini mall
    7. gymnasium
    8. van (outing)
    9. mini stadium

    1. POLITIC
    a. to inform the people about the government policies.
    b. to inform the people about any changes that take place in our country.
    c. to educate people.
    d. share knowledge (forum, debate, public speaking)
    e. online registration and application. (vote, scholarships, jobs)

    2. ECONOMY
    1. pay bills online
    2. apply loans online
    3. apply for jobs online (private sector)
    4. internet banking  (online transaction)
    5. online shopping (ebay, amazon)
    6. sharing marketing strategies
    7. online investment (buy stock, insurance, unit trust)
    8. promote our country through blogs and websites.
    9. sell products online

    3. SOCIAL
    a. friendship
    b. networking
    c. sharing tips, knowledge, expertise (how to do this and that: Wikipedia,,,, and
    d. debate and forum (current issues, government proposal, new discovery)
    e. reading (news, articles, findings, journals)
    f. online games
    g. jokes, funny animation and videos

    Question No. 1: The happiest day of my life.
    1. Why do you choose that day? Why is that day more special than other happy days?
    2. Who were involved?
    3. When was that? Details please.
    4. What do you learn from that day?
    5. Where did you celebrate that happiest day?
    6. What are you going to do to create more happy moments in your life?

    Question No. 3: He stared at the face in the mirror.
    1. Develop the introduction of this story. (main actor, main actress, anyone who is involved, create interesting characters)
    2. Develop the conflicts. (The causes of the conflicts and the effects of the conflicts)
    3. The ending of the story. (how do you solve the conflicts)
    4. Avoid repetition.
    5. Write a variety of vocabulary.
    6. If you don’t read a lot of story books, do not choose this question in the future. However, reading helps you to answer any types of questions. Reading is the hardest and the longest way to succeed, but it is the most effective way to be very good in English and it makes you are very knowledgeable person.

    “You cannot say you don’t know because you have been given a brain to think of any strategies to complete this assignment. All you need is a very STUBBORN HEART.” M.J.

    Prepared by:
    Mocking Bird and 5 Alpha students.
    1st April 2012