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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quotations for Teachers

Quotations for teachers
Paying full attention is the first skill that you have to master in class before you become a very good listener. We have to be a good listener because we will listen to our loved one’s lamentation. (Mani Jack)

Teachers have to be humble because all the knowledge that a teacher has mastered is crafted by God and His angels. (Mani Jack)

A teacher who does not care about the students is a teacher who can’t forgive themselves, others and has long conflicts with God. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who enter your class with anger and hatred are teachers who have been fed with anger and hatred since the day they were born. (Mani Jack)

Teachers are meant to save the lost soul. (Mani Jack)

Great teachers change the way you think and feel. On the hand, a bad teacher breeds monsters in our streets. (Mani Jack)

Before you start teaching, create a connection with the students. Otherwise, you will be talking to yourself as long as you teach. (Mani Jack)

Teaching is just a first chapter while educating is a complete book. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who always put the blame on the students when something goes wrong are teachers who fail to solve the conflicts within him or her. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who always torture his or her students are the products of child abuse. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who love the students are the teachers who always believe in God and the existence of hell and heaven. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who can’t make the students understand the subject are teachers who don’t understand everything about their own subjects as he or she depends too much on textbooks and workbooks without making efforts to create his or her own innovation. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who inspire the students are teachers who are inspired by many great and inspirational figures in the past. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher expects the best and gives the best as a teacher must understand the law of the universe while a bad teacher expects the best but gives the worst. (Mani Jack)

Teachers who punish the students blindly are teachers who have been punished blindly by his or her parents, brothers, sisters, colleagues and bosses.  (Mani Jack)

Teachers who hate the students hate themselves. (Mani Jack)

Teachers, administrators, parents and society and government should make education their top priority as teachers cannot save the children alone. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher sends flowers with permanent fragrances, while bad teacher sends flowers with the bleeding thorns. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher saves, motivates, heals, inspires, shares, educates, improves, changes, encourages and teaches while a bad teacher condemns, hurts, despises, hates, divides, impedes, discourages, breaks, tears, abandons and avenges. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher melts your rebellious heart while a bad teacher burns your broken heart. (Mani Jack)

As a teacher, we only have two options; to be a savior or to be a destroyer. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher enters with a smile and hope while a bad teacher comes with AK-47 and explosives. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher creates a light in a raging darkness and clears your confusion while a bad teacher triples all your sorrow and anger. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher makes you smile while a bad teacher makes you wild. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher teaches with angels while a bad teacher teaches with a demonic past. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher wakes you up while a bad teacher gets you to put a very heavy make-up. (Mani Jack)

A great teacher helps you to realize your dreams while a bad teacher makes sure that you are locked in those dreams forever. (Mani Jack)

Teachers should never practice racism because all races are involved in creating who we are today. (Mani Jack)

        In conclusion, it is not easy to be a teacher as the challenges are beyond our expectations and control. However, teachers must understand that they are a thinker. Teachers are also an adaptor, who can adapt to any changes. Teachers should never give up because when we give up, the whole education system will collapse. (Mani Jack)

        To students, it is okay for you to expect a lot from your teachers, but it is completely unfair if you fail to play your role as a student as blaming and waiting game is a very destructive and negative attitude. In other words, you must understand that teachers are just ORDINARY HUMAN BEINGS who have weakness and strengths. Therefore, focus on the teacher’s strength instead of his or her weaknesses. Otherwise, putting the blame on others will be our permanent habit. If something is wrong or inadequate in our education system, we should start working on the solutions. We must focus on the solutions, just and only solutions. Do not ever focus on the FAULTS. Furthermore, all of us are responsible to improve the current education system especially the students because you will play more roles as you grow up. (Mani Jack)

Originally written by: Mani ak Jack 17th/May/2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How should we build UNITY?

How should we build UNITY?

          To criticize is the easiest job to do in this world. On the other hand, to offer a solution, only those who have great mind and hearts can do it. The same thing goes to the word unity. It is easy to achieve disunity than unity. In order to be united, we have to revisit our political strategies, distribution of economic pies and how we address social issues.

          Let me begin with politic first. Politic is defined as the art of getting what we want. All of us have been playing politics since the day we were formed in our mother’s womb. As we kick our mother’s stomach, that means we are either hungry or thirsty. As we grow up, we continue playing with politics. As teenagers, we play with a lot of excuses and trick in order to get what we want. However, there are two types of politics. The first one is good politic while the second one is bad politic. Good politic is all about getting what we want based on clear and good reasons and also with good intention while bad politic is all about getting what we want through the corrupted minds, wicked hearts and bad intention. In any countries in this world, everything is politicized. However, only a few politicize things due to noble and heavenly reasons. The rest is for self-gain or for the sake of the survival of a particular group.

          In religion, all of us practice politic. Why do we need to use politic in religion? The main reason is because we need money to build religious buildings and to run religious activities. The most critical question is how do we get that money? The answer is politics. That is the main reason why there are so many governments in this world have decided to mix religion with politic. If religion is combined with bad politics, we will see a lot of PERMANENT CONFLICTS and confusion among the followers. In order to prevent this conflict from happening, each religion should be given equal and sufficient amount of money or allocation in order to help them build mosques, churches and temples and to run religious activities. If a particular religious group is sidelined, conflicts and hatred will grow tremendously. We have to be fair with all believers because the main purpose of the existence of all the religions in this world is to create a better person, a person who believes that God does exist and HE is watching us since the creation of man. Last but not least, all religions will remain sacred and holy except MEN. God creates division in order to unite us not to divide us. The division is man-made not heavenly made because God has given us a perfect brain and a complete set of emotions.

          Now let me talk about the distribution of economic pies. The word economy can be a very difficult term to understand. However, let me define it in a very simple manner. Another word for economy is money. When the money sleeps, the whole world sleeps. In other words, if we don’t spend money and invest money, all the economic activities will either be retarded or dead. If your parents make a lot of money, that means your family’s economy is very good. However, if your parents earn a very little amount of money, your family’s economy is very weak. Is it important to build our economy? Is it important to learn about economy? Is it important to understand economy? Is it important to make a lot of money? My answer is yes. How about you?

          Let me begin with a very old but deep Chinese proverb. Don’t give a man a fish. Teach him how to catch fish instead so that he can eat fish every day. Obviously, good education is very important in order to build our economy. A man with a first degree will definitely earn more than those who have no certificates to sell. A man with a lot of knowledge about business will do well in business than those who know nothing about business. Good education is not all about going to the best school and getting the best result on earth. Education is all about life-long learning. Even the world itself is the biggest university. We continue learning as we leave school or universities. That hunger for knowledge must remain strong and active. In other words, each of us must understand that none of us are so great or knowledgeable because basically we know almost nothing. All the expertise that we have today is actually done by God through his mysterious ways and His angels. Without Him and His angels who have been talking to us through our instinct, we would not have been able to bring changes into this world.

          The distribution of economic pies has to be distributed equally in order to improve the current system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. I know that one thing for sure; we cannot find an absolute equality in this very imperfect world. However, it is our obligation to give our best in distributing the country’s wealth. Education opportunities and business opportunities should be given to everyone. Everybody has a dream or a lot of dreams. We must not deny their rights to improve themselves economically. Every child must be allowed and encouraged to make their dreams come true. These opportunities should not be controlled by a particular race or group because God is watching us and His angels are ready to teach a race a lesson of a lifetime.

          A race that denies the rights of other races will see God’s punishment in many forms. We have to bear in mind that God is always fair. A race that abuses the power for the survival of his own race will always suffer. A race that always bullies others will be weak and lost because that particular race has stolen others’ opportunities. It is good to help our own race but we must not torture other races. If we were to help others, help for the sake of humanity, not because their skin is as white or as brown or as black or as yellowish as yours. Racism will divide us further. We should focus on humanity instead of spending too much time and money on great titles, academic excellence and privileges. If we really believe in God, we should try our best in making each of us a true human being, a person who has great minds, great hearts and a clear soul.

          Now how do we address all the social issues that affect how we think and feel every day? These social issues such as drug abuse, racism, prostitution, corruption, power abuse, inequalities, illegal trade, baby dumping, murder and etc. have become more dominant in the newspaper and on television due to its natural and powerful attraction to the accumulation of heavenly wealth for hungry souls and minds and the capitalists. In other words, it seems like we cannot make money if we do not include controversial issues. In general, I hardly see solutions. I only see exaggerations, denial, and fault finding. If we feed the minds of the society with constant negativity, we will definitely breed a series of negativities.

          In my point of view, we do have to report a lot of important events that happen yesterday. However, we have to include more positive ideas, comments, solutions, findings in order to offset all the negative issues that we read in the newspaper. We must understand that words can be very destructive if we fail to choose them correctly. Editors should look at the report from many angels before they publish it. Editors should also visualize the anticipated and the unexpected consequences of the published news because the world is somehow influenced by bubbles or perceptions. Blind perceptions will definitely cause a lot of misunderstandings. Telling the truth can also hurt a particular group or a country. Therefore, the editors should get a lot of comments or suggestions from carefully chosen individuals to give second thoughts regarding any news they wish to publish. Everyone in the news business should work hard on the causes, effects and solutions if we were to achieve the status of a mature and thoughtful civilization. Words can either build or break us.

          In conclusion, to be united is absolutely an achievable dream. However, to maintain that unity requires continuous efforts in terms of good politics, fair distribution of economic pies and a deep thought on how we address critical and sensitive issues in our country. Thank you so much for reading.

Originally written by: Mr. Mani ak Jack
Date: 16th/May/2012 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


      I strongly agree with this motion because each of us must be given an equal chance to taste the best education in this country. Each of the students has the right to enjoy the best knowledge. However, we have to change our mindset first. We must understand that getting an “A” does not guarantee success as positive characters can greatly affect a person’s achievements in life. If we teach both subjects in Malay, they may understand the subject.

        However, their critical thinking skills will be reduced as they are so comfortable with the first language that the absence of English language will keep the mind idle. An idle mind cannot breed thinkers in our country. The saddest part is the subjects are taught in English in universities locally and globally. The worst part is the vacancies for critical jobs in the government sector are rather very limited. The graduates have no choice but to look for vacancies at international or national companies. Who controls these international companies? Who runs these international companies? We have to answer these questions before we make any decision before we start teaching Math and Science in Malay.

        Now let me talk about Science. Who controls the findings of many things in this world? Malaysians? Singaporeans? Canadians? Australians? Americans? Europeans?  I bet you know the answer. These findings are basically written in English. If we use English to teach Science, we can equip our students with a lot of latest findings as long as Science is concerned. I don’t like to miss the bus. How about you? Do you like it? If you like it, keep your denial mode. If you don’t like it, do something about it.

        Another challenge that we have to deal with is the teachers. Let us play with these critical questions. Are the teachers ready to bring changes? Are the teachers ready to get out of the comfort zone? Are the teachers positive enough to face the unexpected challenges? Are the teachers ready to learn again, or to start from zero? Are the teachers ready to criticize themselves? How many teachers love the language? How many teachers still believe that this language is a language of the sickening and bleeding past?

        I do hope that all of us will sit down and discuss this matter from heart to heart for the sake of our children. Organize an open debate about this. If the poor is not given a chance to learn Science and Math in English, as they grow up, they will be governed by fear as English will be more horrifying than GHOST. If the rich is given the best education, the conflicts between the poor and the rich will be deeper and bloodier than ever.

        I believe that Malay Language is a language that is meant to unite us while English is a language that helps us to stay relevant, competitive, adaptable, rational, critical, important, sharp, intelligent, wise, positive and etc. in order to survive successfully in this world if we were to consider this world as our stage. We don’t have a choice but to like things that we dislike in order to create a versatile human capital.

        Based on my own experiences, English is language that helps me to stay ahead of others as the ability to use this language helps me to understand the chronology of many important events that happen yesterday, today and events that may happen in the future.

        I am an Iban. If I were to expect others to use and respect my language, the Ibans must first get the world to recognize the Ibans. The Ibans must do well in politic, economy and social in order to get the world to respect the Iban language. The same thing goes to other languages. We have to earn the respect and recognition. We cannot force the world to respect our language if we have nothing to share with the world. Take Japanese language for example. Why is this language being offered in many schools and universities? The main reason is because there are so many great qualities that Japanese people have that the world have no choice but to learn from them.

        The Japanese mindset is like this. They can make anything out of nothing. If you teach them to make something, they can make that something into everything. For example, they learn how to make engine from the Americans. Gradually, they come up with their own engine which is better than the American engine and their products have made this world a beautiful place through their great and beautiful creations.  That kind of mindset can help us Malaysians to be on par or perhaps better than the other developing and developed countries. One of the most effective ways is by mastering the English language.

        The first benefit of learning English language is this language can enhance your critical thinking skills. As English is considered as your second language, you have no choice but to work hard to understand the grammar and learn how to use it correctly and effectively. The pain and struggle that you have to go though while understanding the vocabulary will help you to be a critical thinker as you don’t actually realize that you are making your mind shaper than before.

        The second benefit is it helps you to be the world or international player. The ability to master English language helps you to be more marketable as you are bilingual. These international companies will definitely look for you as they believe that if you understand the medium of instruction used in the company, mistakes especially in terms of communication breakdown can be reduced because you, your colleagues and your employer speak the same language. No matter how excellent your result is, if you don’t speak their language, you will always miss the opportunities.

        The third benefit of being able to speak and write good English is you will gain respect from people around you. This respect comes naturally especially to those who can really speak and write good English. If you speak good English, it shows that you have the ability to ask a lot of deadly and critical questions. English is a language that can help you to get out of the prison of fear. English is the language that can help make a better you. We must never hate the English for what they have done in the past because we can never change the past. We should also prevent ourselves from digging the past as digging the past is equal to digging our graveyard. We should learn and master their language in order to create a greater understanding and respect between us. We, Malaysians have to EARN that RESPECT and RECOGNITION.

        The fourth benefit of acquiring English language is you will be able to improve yourself psychologically, physically, mentally and spiritually because these developed countries particularly the English speaking countries spend a lot of money on research. The findings of this research will greatly benefit us if we speak their language. This research is meant to make our lives better than yesterday. For example, the hot item called “I-pad or I-phone”. This product is the result of years of research by the late Steve Jobs and his friends. Who is using this technology? All of us. This brilliant product will inspire other production companies to work harder but they have to master the language in order to understand everything they need to know about the technology. The secret is of course has to be revealed through English language.

        Let me give you another example. Most of the reading materials are written in English. If I were to use new strategies to teach English, I can look for the information easily online. I can pick any strategy that I want. However, if I can’t speak and write good English, my teaching strategy will remain stagnant, irrelevant, backdated, traditional, chalk and talk, boring and etc. Having the ability to use the language effectively helps each of us to be more independent and knowledgeable. There is a lot of self-help books and e-books online. If you understand the language, you can master a lot of skills that you thought was impossible before. Furthermore, the videos uploaded in the YouTube can be a very useful assistance to help you understand a particular subject.

        It is not wrong to love our language. However, we have to be realistic about how the world looks at us. We must know where we stand in this world. We must know our ranking. If we believe that we have given so much to this world, I don’t mind if Math and Science are taught in Malay. However, if we believe that we have not shared enough with the rest of the world and we believe that we are still a student who has to learn a lot, then Math and Science should be taught in English. Thank you for reading. (Originally written by: Mani ak Jack 9/5/2012)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Teenager's Dilemma and its solutions

         Hi everyone! I am Mani Jack. I have something very interesting that I would like to share with you regarding human psychology which is related to how we deal with those who can negatively affect our lives. This article is meant for teenagers, educators and parents who wish to understand more about things that we cannot see that can be very harmful and destructive.

          I always believe that things you cannot see are more deadly than things that you can see. I also believe that most scientists will disagree with me as they are more interested in something that they can see and touch. One of the most dangerous things that teenagers cannot see as they go through the teenage life is ill intention. 

          Ill intention is caused by a person's failure to cope with changes, pressure, competition, ill treatment and sad childhood memory. If all teenagers have a very sharp intuition to see this ill intention through their biological censor (intuition, premonition, instinct), they can prevent themselves from making big mistakes in their lives before they leave school.

          Let me give you a very simple example. When I was at UITM, Shah Alam, my own cousin always persuaded me to drink beer with him. I, being a very sensitive person, I could sense something was wrong as I love to analyse the chronology of sudden changes in a person's behaviour. That cousin of mine had never cared about me before. He hardly talked to me as I came from a very poor family. All of a sudden, he was being extraordinarily kind to me. I knew that he was trying to drag me into his drinking world so that I would lose focus on my ambition to finish my first degree on time. He tried many times to influence me to join his drinking sessions. I turned down all the invitations. He was mad and annoyed as he was a man who could not accept rejection. I was being very affirmative with my decision. As he failed to drag me into his destructive world, he stopped talking to me. I was happy as I could do my core business as usual. Upon graduation, I was told by a friend that my cousin didn't make it. He failed to complete his thesis. He went tome without a degree. I was so glad and grateful that I had made the right decision. I am not against drinking. I am against bad drinking habit. In other words, I don't want to befriend with a drinker or a drunkard who drinks for the sake of destroying his own friends and blood. 

          I believe that you have been wondering how I did it. First of all, as a teenager, you must learn more abut the art of questioning because there are so many people out there who are not as positive as you. You must learn to question everything that is laid in front of you in order to improve your critical thinking skills  and sharpen your intuition. You must not deny the power of your sixth sense. If somebody is kind with you, you must do your own analysis by collecting data about that particular person in order to find out who he or she really is. Do not judge blindly. Let your intuition guide you because your intuition is guided by angels. These angels are sent by God to help you make the BEST decision. If you master the art of questioning, nobody in this world can make fun of you. You will not be colonized by the mentally and emotionally corrupted minds.

           The main cause of choosing the wrong friends is loneliness. I understand that we cannot prevent making mistakes as it is a process of growing up. But I do hope each of you especially the teenagers to take a sit and do a long self-reflection about everything that you have done before. Loneliness is another beautiful form of Satan to take away our concentration on our primary goals. People are lonely because they are so busy looking for good friends. In order to prevent loneliness, we have to learn to be a good friend. If each of us learn to be a good friend, we do not have to play the waiting game as happiness is never meant to be found but created. 

          In conclusion, you as teenagers must try your best to listen to your sixth sense about the upcoming danger as ill intention is colourless and odourless. Good luck and thank you for reading.

Originally created by: Mani ak Jack (English Teacher of Sainsku) 


by Mani Jack

    Created on: May 04, 2010
    Many people talk about honesty and admire an honest person. Honesty is sometimes considered as heavenly attitude. Honesty is said the key to perfect relationship and corruption-free government. In other words, honesty is the opposite word for lie. Ironically, honesty is another form of lie that appears in the name of honesty in order to save the beauty of honesty itself.
    Let me share with you some fine examples that we have seen or heard throughout the course of this life. The first example is when a protective father who tries to prevent his son from playing outside the house late in the evening. The first lie that a father would tell his son is “Get in son. It’s getting darker outside.
    Most of the time, this is the time for wild animals and wild spirits search for their prey.” The son was scared of the fear created by the father that the son didn’t know that his father was actually doing that for the sake of having a sufficient time to watch his favourite movie or show.  
    Perhaps the father never had the intention to tell lies but because of his self-interest, he had no choice but to create frightening fantasy for his son in order to keep things the way he always wanted.
    The second example is, when a husband creates lies throughout the years of his marriage. I believe women are always busy looking for an honest husband, the one who will never think of cheating on them. No matter how honest a man can be, lie is a part of a man.
    An honest husband also has to lie because as long as long wife is concerned, a wife will always consider another woman as a threat. A husband who is having lunch with his colleagues who are woman will be considered as cheating even though the husband has never thought of having any affair with his female colleagues.
    If the wife finds out that his husband is having lunch with his female colleagues, home could be a living hell for at least two days. Pity this honest husband. In order to avoid this long argument, the husband has to lie to his wife saying that he is having lunch with his male colleagues and will create male names.
    The third example is about the government. The government is equal to a group of politicians who have been using and abusing words throughout the years of their involvement in politics. In other words, politicians have to lie due to some strong reasons.
    The first reason is to strengthen the ruling party. For example, they will talk about all the good deeds they have done for the people without mentioning anything that they have constantly destroyed. The second reason is to secure their seat for as long as they breathe.
    As long as I can remember, only a few will step down when the people have lost trust and faith in them. Most of the time, many politicians will do almost anything on earth to keep their position in the government. The last reason is to melt people’s anger towards the government on some critical issues.
    In conclusion, lies and honesty are intertwined since the creation of man.
    Learn more about this author, Mani Jack.

    Writing Assignments for form 5 students.

    Dear young minds of tomorrow,

    Hi! How are you? I hope that you are fine. I have something for you to do in order to improve your previous result.
    In the previous exam, you had written about one of the topics. For self- improvement, you are required to write about the four topics that you didn’t choose in the previous exam. The notes are provided. You are given 3 days to complete each essay. In other words, you are given 12 days to complete the whole assignments. Good Luck. If you wish to get the BEST result, you don’t have a choice but to give the BEST. If you fail to complete this, God and I will work closely together to teach you a lesson that you will never forget in your life. Sleeping in the class can be a habit. Obviously, GIVING THE BEST can also be a habit.

    Assignments (Essay Writing)
    “You do not have to rewrite the essay that you have chosen in the previous exam.”
    1. Describe the happiest day of your life. (Dateline: 4th April – 6th April 2012)
    2. “The internet is mostly a good thing.” Do you agree? Support your opinion. (Date line: 7th-9th April 2012)
    3. Write a story beginning with: He stared at the face in the mirror.” (Dateline: 10th-12th April 2012)
    4. My Ideal School. (Dateline: 13th – 15th April 2012)
    5. Movies. (Dateline: 16th-18th April 2012)

    Length: 400 words.


    Question number 5: Movies
    1. Choose five movies that change the way you think and feel.
    2. Include details of the movies such as the names of the actors and actresses. If you can make a list of the names of the directors, that would be a bonus.
    3. Write briefly but clearly about the introduction, conflicts and the ending of the movie. (Avoid rewriting the whole story.)
    4. For each movie, write about anything that you learn from the movie. For example, if the movie teaches you about determination, relate it to your own personal experiences. In other words, it is called self-reflection.  And then, talk about the importance of determination.
    Question Number 4: Ideal School
    1. Administration.
    a. How do you run the school?
    b. What kind of principal do you want? Do you want him or her to be friendly, sensitive, thoughtful? Make a list and give reasons.
    c. Vice principals: help the principal. (share the same goals and principles, work as a team)
    d. Teachers: What kind of teacher do you want? Give reasons.
    Believe in God (faithful)
    Understanding: (to create connection with the students)
    Friendly: (comfortable to talk to)
    Fair: (students will respect the teacher)
    Determined: (will not give up on the weak students)
    Funny: (to help the students to like the subject)
    Open to criticism: (to make learning and teaching more effective)
    Supportive: (to create a long term relationship with the students, to develop sense of humanity)
    Positive/enthusiastic: (always look at the strengths instead of weaknesses or fault finding)
    Passionate: (to really master the knowledge in order to help the students understand the subject)
    Sense of guilt: (give the best in everything he or she does as the teacher will think critically before making any decisions or judgments)
    Sensitive: (to help students to have great hearts, to develop empathy)
    Forgiving: (no one is perfect, sometimes we didn’t really mean to hurt or disappoint a person)
    Respectful: (Respect yourself before you respect others, a teacher cannot force the students to respect the teachers as respect comes naturally when there is a collection of good reasons)
    Inspiring: (A teacher must come up with a lot of strategies, have a lot of great characters to inspire the students to be a better person)
    Thinker: (A teacher who is a thinker will do anything to help the students to like and understand his or her subject)  
    1. swimming pool
    2. atm machine
    3. washing machine
    4. air conditioner
    5. salon
    6. mini mall
    7. gymnasium
    8. van (outing)
    9. mini stadium

    1. POLITIC
    a. to inform the people about the government policies.
    b. to inform the people about any changes that take place in our country.
    c. to educate people.
    d. share knowledge (forum, debate, public speaking)
    e. online registration and application. (vote, scholarships, jobs)

    2. ECONOMY
    1. pay bills online
    2. apply loans online
    3. apply for jobs online (private sector)
    4. internet banking  (online transaction)
    5. online shopping (ebay, amazon)
    6. sharing marketing strategies
    7. online investment (buy stock, insurance, unit trust)
    8. promote our country through blogs and websites.
    9. sell products online

    3. SOCIAL
    a. friendship
    b. networking
    c. sharing tips, knowledge, expertise (how to do this and that: Wikipedia,,,, and
    d. debate and forum (current issues, government proposal, new discovery)
    e. reading (news, articles, findings, journals)
    f. online games
    g. jokes, funny animation and videos

    Question No. 1: The happiest day of my life.
    1. Why do you choose that day? Why is that day more special than other happy days?
    2. Who were involved?
    3. When was that? Details please.
    4. What do you learn from that day?
    5. Where did you celebrate that happiest day?
    6. What are you going to do to create more happy moments in your life?

    Question No. 3: He stared at the face in the mirror.
    1. Develop the introduction of this story. (main actor, main actress, anyone who is involved, create interesting characters)
    2. Develop the conflicts. (The causes of the conflicts and the effects of the conflicts)
    3. The ending of the story. (how do you solve the conflicts)
    4. Avoid repetition.
    5. Write a variety of vocabulary.
    6. If you don’t read a lot of story books, do not choose this question in the future. However, reading helps you to answer any types of questions. Reading is the hardest and the longest way to succeed, but it is the most effective way to be very good in English and it makes you are very knowledgeable person.

    “You cannot say you don’t know because you have been given a brain to think of any strategies to complete this assignment. All you need is a very STUBBORN HEART.” M.J.

    Prepared by:
    Mocking Bird and 5 Alpha students.
    1st April 2012

    Saturday, May 5, 2012



    To: 5 Beta and  5 Alpha
    File system
    You must have all of this in your English file.
    1.       Learning contract
    2.       Biography (Personal details about you)
    3.       Grammar notes
    4.       Essays (with corrections)
    5.       Grammar Exercises
    6.       Collection of articles
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    From: Mr. Mani ak Jack. 

    (Dr.Jeykll and Mr.Hyde).
    Guidelines on how to answer the literature question.
    ·         The struggle between the good sides and bad sides of Dr.Jekyll. (explain about his position in the society and his evil desire)
    ·         He created a potion the can separate his good and bad sides which creates Mr. Hyde who represents the evil side of him.
    ·         He creates the potion to satisfy or fulfill his evil desire.
    ·         He creates the potion so that he can enjoy double lives without being caught by the authority.  
    ·         He tramples Edie (chapter 1), kills Sir Danvers Carew (chapter 6). He did all this in the form of Mr.Hyde in order to hide his real identity.
    Self-reflection:  Last Paragraph
                    In my point of view, I believe that we need to have self-control because the evil sides of us can be out of control if we fail to control them. We must also think critically of the consequences of everything that we do.

    ·         The friendship between Mr.Utterson between Dr.Jeykll
    ·         Trustworthy: (a) Mr. Utterson didn’t read the letter given by Dr. Lanyon even though he was deeply curios about the content of the letter as he was investigating the mystery of Mr.Hyde. (b) Mr. Utterson kept Dr.Jekyll’s secret even though he already knew that Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jeykll were the same persons as he himself saw the transformation which was available in Chapter 9 entitled Face at the Window.
    ·         Loyalty: (a) Mr. Utterson asked Poole not to tell anyone about what he saw at the lab when they found the dead body of Dr.Jeykll in the form of Mr. Hyde. (b) Mr. Utterson didn’t betray Dr.Jeykll as he didn’t reveal the truth about Dr.Jeykll to the police.
    ·         Caring: (a) Mr.Utterson rushed to Dr.Jeykll’s house when Poole told him that he heard a strange voice coming from the lab. (b) Mr.Utterson visited Dr.Jeykll to find out about his health.
    ·         Responsible: (a) Mr. Utterson refused to listen to Dr.Jeykll’s instruction when Dr.Jeykll named Mr.Hyde as the one who would inherit his wealth. He disagreed because Dr.Jeykll was his good friend and his client. (b) Mr.Utterson protects Dr.Jeykll’s  good name (he didn’t reveal Dr.Jeykll’s secret)  and safety (He investigated about Mr.Hyde because he wanted Mr.Hyde  to stop threatening his client and good friend, Dr.Jeykll)
    Self reflection: Last Paragraph
                    In my point of view, having at least one good friend is very important instead of having hundreds of friends whom you cannot trust at all. Friendship is also very important in order to prevent loneliness. We also need good friends because they are the ones who will help us when we are in trouble.
    3. Crime does not pay
    ·       Dr. Jeykll thought that he would never be caught by the police for his crime.
    ·       He thought everything was under control as he had the potion to save him from punishment.
    ·       As a scientist, he spent many years to create the potion that could help him enjoy the double lives that he always dreamed of.
    ·       In the form of Mr. Hyde, he trampled over Edie and killed Sir Danvers Carew. When everyone was looking for Mr. Hyde, he changed into Dr.Jeykll, a well respected man in the society.
    ·       Dr.Jeykll believed that he could escape forever. However, his own lawyer and good friend named Mr.Utterson gave him a lot of trouble. Mr.Utterson gave him a lot of pressure as Mr.Utterson investigated the case and asked Jeykll a lot of critical questions especially about Dr.Jeykll’s strange will.
    ·       As the matter of fact, no one is above the law. Dr.Jeykll knew that sooner or later, he would be caught by the police as the potion was no longer effective. The potion was no longer able to change him into Dr.Jeykll. He had to lock himself in his laboratory as he was in the form of Mr.Hyde.
    ·       As the police was looking for Mr.Hyde, Dr.Jekyll, who was in the form of Mr.Hyde killed himself. He died due to drug overdose.
    Self reflection:  (Last paragraph)
                    In my point of view, we need to think twice or more than twice before we do something. We need to consider the consequences of our act as it may affect many people in addition to ourselves.
    ·       Dr.Jeykll is a very important figure in the society. In other words, he was respected by the society as a man who had the brain and good moral values.
    ·       As an ordinary human being, he had the desire to do evil things. He realized that he could never do the evil things in the form of Dr.Jeykll. Therefore, he began to work on a potion that could separate the evil and good sides of men.  
    ·       The potion that he created allowed him to enjoy the double lives that he always dreamed of.
    ·       He wanted to satisfy the evil sides of him without getting caught by the police. In other words, he tried to be somebody else.
    ·       In his society, a person who appeared to be good and noble would be considered as a good person permanently. The society would not accept him as an ordinary human being who had strengths and weaknesses. He had no choice but to pretend to be a very good person. At the same time, the noble image that he created had prevented him to do anything that he wanted. In the form of Mr. Hyde, he could do anything that he wanted. He trampled Edie and killed Sir Danvers Carew.
    Self-reflection: (Last Paragraph)
                    In my point of view, we must try to be ourselves. We must understand that no one is perfect. We must also understand that pretending to be somebody else will never grant us happiness. I agree that we have bad habits or evil desire in each of us. However, we need to think of the consequences of any decisions that we make. We can work on our bad habits or weaknesses but one thing for sure we can never abolish them. I believe that being moderate is better than being too religious or perfect. Otherwise, we may be considered as hypocrites.
    ·         Dr.Jeykll was too obsessed with an idea of separating the good and evil sides of men.
    ·         He was supposed to create anything that could benefit human kind. However, he created a potion (drug) that could help him enjoy the double lives that he always dreamed of.
    ·         In other words, he was very selfish. The only thing that he wanted was he wanted to fulfill his evil desire.
    ·         As a scientist, he was against the ethics of being a scientist. In other words, he had purposely abused his knowledge as he was too much influenced by his bad sides. He was a scientist who did not have a good self-control as he allowed the dark sides of him to take control of him.
    ·         As he was too obsessed with the idea of separating the good and evil sides of men, he had never thought of the consequences of his decision. He sacrificed himself as he tried the potion on himself. In the end, he had to suffer the consequences as he killed himself as the drug failed to change him into Dr.Jeykll. He died in the form of Mr.Hyde.
    Self-reflection: (Last Paragraph)
                 In my point of view, we must not be too extreme in doing something because it may cost us our own lives. It is good to think of an idea but we must think of the negative effects of a particular idea as it may affect everyone around us including ourselves.

    1. Choose the character that you hate the most and explain why you chose him.
    ·         Dr.Jeykll
    ·         Hypocrite (lead double lives, pretended to be someone else)
    ·         Selfish (created the potion in order to enjoy doing anything he wanted)
    ·         Irresponsible (failed to admit his mistake after trampling Edie and killing Sir Danvers Carew)
    ·         Abuse his knowledge ( created a potion in order to allow him to fulfill his evil desire in the form of Mr.Hyde)
    Self-reflection: (Last Paragraph)
                    In my point of view, Dr.Jeykll was an evil. We are not supposed to abuse the knowledge that we have. We are supposed to use our intelligence and wealth wisely. We must also learn to admit our mistakes as no one is perfect. We don’t have to deny the wrongdoings that we do because we can always repent and improve ourselves.
    2.  Choose the character that you like the most and explain why you chose him.
    ·         Mr. Utterson.
    ·         Trustworthy: (a) Mr. Utterson didn’t read the letter given by Dr. Lanyon even though he was deeply curios about the content of the letter as he was investigating the mystery of Mr.Hyde. (b) Mr. Utterson kept Dr.Jekyll’s secret even though he already knew that Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jeykll were the same persons as he himself saw the transformation which was available in Chapter 9 entitled Face at the Window.
    ·         Loyalty: (a) Mr. Utterson asked Poole not to tell anyone about what he saw at the lab when they found the dead body of Dr.Jeykll in the form of Mr. Hyde. (b) Mr. Utterson didn’t betray Dr.Jeykll as he didn’t reveal the truth about Dr.Jeykll to the police.
    ·         Caring: (a) Mr.Utterson rushed to Dr.Jeykll’s house when Poole told him that he heard a strange voice coming from the lab. (b) Mr.Utterson visited Dr.Jeykll to find out about his health.
    ·         Responsible: (a) Mr. Utterson refused to listen to Dr.Jeykll’s instruction when Dr.Jeykll named Mr.Hyde as the one who would inherit his wealth. He disagreed because Dr.Jeykll was his good friend and his client. (b) Mr.Utterson protects Dr.Jeykll’s  good name (he didn’t reveal Dr.Jeykll’s secret)  and safety (He investigated about Mr.Hyde because he wanted Mr.Hyde  to stop threatening his client and good friend, Dr.Jeykll)
    Self-reflection: (Last paragraph)
                    In my point of view, having at least one good friend is very important instead of having hundreds of friends whom you cannot trust at all. We also need good friends because they are the ones who will help us when we are in trouble. Mr. Utterson was one of a kind. I believe, it is difficult to find a friend who is as good as Mr.Utterson these days.
    Rules to remember when you answer the literature questions.

    1. You must begin with (Based on the novel entitled Dr.Jeykll and Mr. Hyde……)

    2. You must organize your thoughts in paragraphs. Writing everything in one paragraph will cause you to lose at least 3 marks.

    3. You must come up with at least 5 paragraphs.

    Paragraph 1: Introduction
    Paragraph 2: First point: examples: explanation
    Paragraph 3: Second point: examples: explanation
    Paragraph 4: Last point: examples: explanation
    Paragraph 5: Conclusion (Self-reflection: Your personal point of view about your ANSWER)

    Prepared by: Mr. Mani ak Jack
    Date: 28/02/2011

    “Sharing knowledge is MY JOB, while applying all the knowledge is YOUR JOB.-Mani ak Jack”