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Friday, November 30, 2012

Summary on the book entitled The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

of the Book
The Science of Getting Rich,
by Wallace D. Wattles.

How can you serve god, yourself, your loved ones and the community if you are poor? Let us be honest with ourselves. We don’t have to be hypocritical on this topic. You have the right to be rich because God wants you to enjoy this life to the fullest. Let me give you a simple example. One day, on the way to the office, you see a boy who is walking to school in a very heavy rain. You pity him so much but there is nothing that you can do to make him go to school without being affected by rainy days because you yourself are struggling financially. However, if you are rich, you can meet the boy’s parents and help them pay for the bus fees for 5 years. You can also give him some pocket money and buy books for him. Do you understand the POWER of being rich now?

What should you do?
1.     First, you have to feed your mind with positive and beautiful thoughts only. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts such as worry, death, accident, aging, stress, poverty, murder, disaster, failure, disappointment, and etc., you will never be rich because you have been focusing your energy on negativity. When you think of negative thoughts, you are actually attracting negative circumstances into your life. Always try your best to feed your mind with positive thoughts such as I can be rich, I can do it, I am happy, I forgive myself, I will give my best, I love everyone, I love my job, I have to be rich mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and etc. Always think about anything that guides you to riches. Always think of anything that can benefit you and yourself. Always think of anything that makes you and others happy. Guard your mind from being attacked by DOUBT, FEAR and WORRY. Try to make it a habit to always think positively. Always look at the good sides of everything because fault finding will not make you happy. Fault finding will destroy your faith and gratefulness. It even creates more sadness in your life and other’s life.
2.     Cultivate the attitude of saying THANK YOU to God and everybody who have been making your life wonderful and full of blessings. If we fail to say thank you to God, our creator, He will never give you what you have been asking for because you have considered yourself as God or Master. In other words, we have to understand that we are servants. Our job is to serve. If we behave like a modern dictator or a modern pharaoh, we can never be rich as we achieve our goal by terrorizing other’s lives. The world is full of opportunities. No one is blocking us from achieving goals. We are the ones who have been limiting ourselves. We are the ones who have been telling ourselves that we can’t do this and that. We are the ones who set the limitations.  We have to demolish the mental block if we wish to be rich.
3.     Then we have to move on towards ACTION. Positive thought without Action will never produce result that we want.  What should we do? Let say you work as a teacher. Give more than what you receive from the government. Give the best in everything you do. Inspire those who work with you. Create a positive environment. Inspire your students. Give them the knowledge that they need to survive in this world. Give them something extra, something that money cannot buy, something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Treat them with love and care and expect nothing in return because expectation can ruin all your good deeds, your faith and your prayer. If you are a doctor, give more than medical consultation. Make your patient happy, comfortable, and secure when they deal with you. Give them more than medicine and antibiotic. Give them some tips on how to stay healthy. Charge them accordingly because if you over charge them, you cannot be rich as you have been abusing your knowledge to make others depend on you as if you are the living God. If you are involved in business, give more values to your customers. Treat your workers as human instead of modern slaves. Give them opportunities to develop themselves. Pay them well because what you want is exactly the same with what they want. Give your customers the best price with best quality. The Universe or Nature will pay you back in full.  

I believe that this world will be a better place to live in if we have many rich people as it can reduce envy and crime. Go for wealth because being wealthy helps you to be a better you and eventually will enhance the lives of others and the most important part is you will have more quality time to serve God. This is what I got from this book. I hope all of us will get something from this book as the mind has to be fed with positive thoughts if we wish to be rich financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Good Luck.
Summarized by Mani ak Jack