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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Inspirational Quotes for You and Me.

I have never seen God who sends all his messengers to this dying world. However, I do believe that God comes to us in the form of love to prevent this world from permanent death. M.J.

The most horrible war on earth is between men and God especially when God refuses to give us what we want. M.J.

The maturity of a society is evaluated based on how they deal with failure. M.J.

Developed countries give the best opportunities, food and shelter to its citizens while developing countries give the worst opportunities, food and shelter to its own citizens. M.J.

As long as the government gives money blindly to its people, we will never become a developed nation. The government has to teach its citizens on how to create something through creativity, innovative and critical thinking that can generate continuous income. Otherwise, our country will sink in debt. M.J.

Vision 2020 will remain as illusion if we fail to embrace originality in everything we do. M.J.

Regret is something that I hate the most. That is the main reason why I always try to give my best in my job and my relationships with the ones I love and hate so that I don’t have to be forever attached to a haunting past. M.J.

One of the main causes of war, conflict or disunity is we always think that our religion is the best, and we thought that we should go to heaven while the non-believers should go to hell. I believe that all religions are the best and perfect, but not the followers. M.J.

Failure is MONEY if you really believe in it and I believe that millionaires and billionaires out there really understand this concept. M.J.

I love failure because I know that failure will make me an EXPERT. M.J.

The fear of being rejected by someone you admire is nothing compared to the relief that you will find out when you tell that person about your feelings because only be telling that person about your feelings only help you understand more about the person you admire. M.J.

The person that I always try to avoid is the person who always tries to change others without changing themselves. M.J.

Permanent FAILURE is defined as a person who is always trying to change others in which deep in their heart, this person hates the person that he or she tries to change. M.J.

Fault-finder is created by parents who are fault-finders. Should we repeat the same mistake when we become parents in the future? If we repeat the same mistake, should we continue putting the blame on our own parents TODAY? M.J.

Satan’s main job is to cultivate the hideous hatred in us while God’s main job is to encourage each of us to love one another because love the reincarnation of God yesterday, today and forever. M.J.

I have never worried about the ones who fail to appreciate everything that I have done for them because for the past 33 years, God has never failed sending new angels in the forms of good men and good women into my life. M.J.

Tiredness and headache are caused by lack of love in doing everything we do and say. M.J.

To be an expert in medical, language, engineering and etc. is nothing because it is more important to be an expert in dealing with our negative emotions. M.J.

A country becomes a living hell when our leaders bury their hearts. M.J.

Our country will forever move backward if those living in rural areas remain naive and poor. M.J.

The richest country is a country in which its citizens have the ability to look at things from many angels. M.J.

If Malaysians wish to be on par with great countries, thinking should be made a subject and a pass in this subject should be made compulsory. M.J.

A child should be taught that everyone is different at a very young age. Otherwise, he or she might think that others should be like them as they grow up. M.J.

If we always take something that is not ours, we will always end up getting something that nobody wants. M.J.

Election in Malaysia will be the best in the world only if everyone is taught about the connection between politic, economy and social. M.J.

The only sign of bad governance is when people in rural areas are not given access to good education. M.J.

Good education is everyone’s right. If we fail to give our citizens the best education that the world has to offer, Malaysia will be the poorest and corrupted country in the world. M.J.

The main reason why people fail to find the right people to become their soul mates is because they fail to find themselves. M.J.

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