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Friday, December 14, 2012

A love poem for loved ones:

Title: If you turn away..

If you turn away,

I could do nothing but pray,

If you turn away,

You will bring my speakers away,

If you say goodbye,

I promise you I will stop saying hi,

If you say goodbye,

I will forget the definition of word “try”,

If you choose to leave,

I will forget how to breathe,

If you choose to leave,

I will live in a flooded grief,

But if you choose to stay,

Regret is the last word you’ll say,

Because I have a lot of things on my tray,

That will give you chocolate and gay,

As I am meant to beautify your days.

Originally created by Mr. Mani ak Jack

This poem is dedicated to my loved ones and 

anyone who never stops loving one another.

Date: 13/12/2012