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Friday, November 30, 2012

Summary on the book entitled The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

of the Book
The Science of Getting Rich,
by Wallace D. Wattles.

How can you serve god, yourself, your loved ones and the community if you are poor? Let us be honest with ourselves. We don’t have to be hypocritical on this topic. You have the right to be rich because God wants you to enjoy this life to the fullest. Let me give you a simple example. One day, on the way to the office, you see a boy who is walking to school in a very heavy rain. You pity him so much but there is nothing that you can do to make him go to school without being affected by rainy days because you yourself are struggling financially. However, if you are rich, you can meet the boy’s parents and help them pay for the bus fees for 5 years. You can also give him some pocket money and buy books for him. Do you understand the POWER of being rich now?

What should you do?
1.     First, you have to feed your mind with positive and beautiful thoughts only. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts such as worry, death, accident, aging, stress, poverty, murder, disaster, failure, disappointment, and etc., you will never be rich because you have been focusing your energy on negativity. When you think of negative thoughts, you are actually attracting negative circumstances into your life. Always try your best to feed your mind with positive thoughts such as I can be rich, I can do it, I am happy, I forgive myself, I will give my best, I love everyone, I love my job, I have to be rich mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and etc. Always think about anything that guides you to riches. Always think of anything that can benefit you and yourself. Always think of anything that makes you and others happy. Guard your mind from being attacked by DOUBT, FEAR and WORRY. Try to make it a habit to always think positively. Always look at the good sides of everything because fault finding will not make you happy. Fault finding will destroy your faith and gratefulness. It even creates more sadness in your life and other’s life.
2.     Cultivate the attitude of saying THANK YOU to God and everybody who have been making your life wonderful and full of blessings. If we fail to say thank you to God, our creator, He will never give you what you have been asking for because you have considered yourself as God or Master. In other words, we have to understand that we are servants. Our job is to serve. If we behave like a modern dictator or a modern pharaoh, we can never be rich as we achieve our goal by terrorizing other’s lives. The world is full of opportunities. No one is blocking us from achieving goals. We are the ones who have been limiting ourselves. We are the ones who have been telling ourselves that we can’t do this and that. We are the ones who set the limitations.  We have to demolish the mental block if we wish to be rich.
3.     Then we have to move on towards ACTION. Positive thought without Action will never produce result that we want.  What should we do? Let say you work as a teacher. Give more than what you receive from the government. Give the best in everything you do. Inspire those who work with you. Create a positive environment. Inspire your students. Give them the knowledge that they need to survive in this world. Give them something extra, something that money cannot buy, something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Treat them with love and care and expect nothing in return because expectation can ruin all your good deeds, your faith and your prayer. If you are a doctor, give more than medical consultation. Make your patient happy, comfortable, and secure when they deal with you. Give them more than medicine and antibiotic. Give them some tips on how to stay healthy. Charge them accordingly because if you over charge them, you cannot be rich as you have been abusing your knowledge to make others depend on you as if you are the living God. If you are involved in business, give more values to your customers. Treat your workers as human instead of modern slaves. Give them opportunities to develop themselves. Pay them well because what you want is exactly the same with what they want. Give your customers the best price with best quality. The Universe or Nature will pay you back in full.  

I believe that this world will be a better place to live in if we have many rich people as it can reduce envy and crime. Go for wealth because being wealthy helps you to be a better you and eventually will enhance the lives of others and the most important part is you will have more quality time to serve God. This is what I got from this book. I hope all of us will get something from this book as the mind has to be fed with positive thoughts if we wish to be rich financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Good Luck.
Summarized by Mani ak Jack

Monday, November 26, 2012



If you are rich,
does it give you a license
To grab everything?
If you are a non-smoker,
Does it give you a license
To judge and isolate the smoker?
If you are not a drug addict,
Does it give you a license to frame the drug addict?
If you are right,
Does it give you a license,
To yell at those who are wrong in public?
If you are religious,
Does it give you a license to condemn
The pagans and non-believers?
If you are successful,
Does it give you a license,
To undermine the loser?
If your life is full of blessings,
Does it give you a license,
To label the less fortunate as lazy?
If you are gifted,
Does it give you a license
To discourage the talented?
If you are brave,
Does it give you a license
To threaten the coward?
If you are well-organized,
Does it give you a license
To criticize the messy one?
If you are white,
Does it give you a license
To downgrade the black, brown and yellow?
If you are angry,
Does it give you a license
To punch everything and everyone?
If you are not in a good mood,
Does it give you a license
To ruin other’s beautiful days?
If you are a loser,
Does it give you a license
To blame God and everyone?
If you have the cosmic power,
Does it give you a license
To recreate and decide other’s fate?
If you are beautiful
Does it give you a license
To destroy God’s first child’s life?
If you are handsome,
Does it give you a license ,
To create holes in every women’s soul?
If you are an expert,
Does it give you license
To jeopardize  the lives of the ignorance?
If you are a student,
Does it give you a license
To do anything you want
Just because you are under age?
If you are a parent,
Does it give you a license
To make your child another you?
If you are a victim,
Does it give you a license
To victimize others?
If you are so disappointed,
Does it give you a license,
To darken other’s life?
If you are broken-hearted,
Does it give you a license
To shatter someone’s heart?
If you have a miserable life,
Does it give you a license
To make other’s life miserable?
If you are the product of child abuse,
Does it give you a license,
To abuse your own child and other children?
If you are loyal,
Does it give you a license,
To torture the rebellious?
If you are well-fed,
Does it give you a license,
To laugh at starvation?
If you fail in your life,
Does it give you a license
To drag others to fall with you?
In conclusion,
No one is to blame,
Nothing is to blame
But ourselves,
Who failed to learn from the repairable mistakes,
Who failed to understand that 
nothing can change the horrible past,
Who failed to understand that life is meant to be imperfect,
Who failed to understand the beauty of hardworking,
Who failed to understand that life is full of ups and downs,
Who failed to understand that we can always start again 
and make our life better than before,
As changes must always begin with yourself,
And as long as we know that God is always with us.

Originally written by Mani ak Jack
Inspired by God

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to teach effectively..

How to teach effectively…..

Life is all about choices. We choose every day. We make decisions every day. Ask yourself these questions in order to understand yourself because the first person that we must understand is OURSELVES.

1.                       Do you LOVE yourself?

2.                       Do you embrace your strengths and weaknesses?

3.                       Do you like the subject that you teach?

4.                       Do you understand the subject that you teach?

5.                       Do you like to be taught?

6.                       Do you understand the meaning of learning and teaching?

7.                       Do you like to think?

8.                       Do you love exploring your own weaknesses as a teacher and look for solutions to make your weaknesses your strengths?

9.                       Do you like to motivate others?

10.              Do you like your students?

11.              Do you expect your students to be perfect or to be a great human being?

12.              Do you know that the students are our teachers?

13.              Do you know that teaching makes trillions of dreams come true?

14.              Do you know that teaching makes yourself aware of everything except for yourself?

15.              Do you know that teaching helps you to turn your worst stubbornness into the most solid determination in the world?

16.              You and I know that all teachers in the world make very important decisions every day because those decisions will affect everything that will happen in the future.

17. All of us are teachers no matter who you are because sharing knowledge is our culture as a civilized civilization as it is meant for our survival. 

These questions will trigger a lot of new perspectives in the heart and mind of a teacher only if a teacher understands that teaching is all about making this world a better place to live in before we move on to the Kingdom of God. 

Poem: Causes of War


Title: Causes of War

War happens,

When the beautiful meets the one who is more 


When the arrogant meets the one who is more 


When the rich meets the one who is wealthier,

When the greedy meets the one who is greedier,

When the extreme meets the one who is more 


When the intelligent meets the one who is more 


When the selfish meets the one who is more 


When the brutal meets the one who is more brutal,

When the perfectionist meets the one who is more 


When the religious meets the one who is more 


When the courageous meets the one who is more 


When the dominant meets the one who is more 


When the ignorant meets the one who is more 


When the smart meets the one who is smarter,

When the stingy meets the one who is stingier,

When the forgotten meets the one has  always been


When the tyranny meets the one who is a pharaoh,

When the stubborn meets the one who is more 


When the marginalized meets the one who is more 


When the injured meets the one who is beheaded,

When the broken meets the one who is shattered,

When the crying meets the one who is weeping,

When the darkness meets the one is straight from 


Peace can only be obtained,

If we learn to consider others as our friendly 


In order to improve ourselves,

Instead of viewing others,

As a threat,

As our real enemy is buried deep in ourselves.

 Originally written by: Mani ak Jack

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poem: Of sadness and happiness

What makes you feel sad?

When you make hatred your chat,

When you make envy your bread,

When you make your fear your soul mate,

When guilt is your fat,

When anger swallows your flat,

When vengeance becomes your pet,

You will always be in a checkmate.

What makes you happy?

When you give something for free,

When you choose your words carefully,

When you select your thoughts wisely,

When you share yourself with me,

When you pray with falling knees,

When you forgive with glee,

You will always be happy.

Originally WRITTEN by : Mani Jack

Book Review
Title: The Magic of Thinking Big
Writer: David J.Schwartz, Ph.D.
What have I learned from this book?
1.    Believe you can succeed and you will.
a.   Success means many wonderful and positive things.
b.   Faith can move mountains.
c.   Belief triggers the power to do.
d.   Disbelief is negative power.
e.   Believe you are the best, act the best and perform the best.
f.   Believe that you are very important.
g.   Initiative is the answer to your problems.
h.   Don’t use your mind to go against you.
i.     Your mind is a thought factory.
j.    You drive the thoughts either they are negative or positive.
k.   Always say, today is a wonderful day, I am still alive and I am going to create wonderful and great things today.
l.     Success loves those who are prepared.
m.  Always think of success.
n.   Always remind yourself that you are better than you think you are. Never SELL yourself SHORT!!!
o.   Believe big such as big plans and big goals.

2.   Cure yourself of Excusitis, the failure disease. 
a.   Excuses are signs of defeat and failure.
b.   Don’t talk about your health if you want to be healthy.
c.   Worry is the father of bad health.  
d.   Always be grateful for your good health.
e.   Life is meant to be enjoyed.
f.   Do not underestimate your own brain power. Don’t ever look down at yourself.  
g.   Those who are governed by fear will never enjoy the blessings that God has prepared for each of us.
h.   Use your mental power to find solutions instead of using your brain to master the art of whining.
i.     My positive attitude is more important than intelligence.
j.    The ability to think is better than the ability to memorize facts. A copy and paste generation will ruin this country.
k.   Never say you are too OLD to materialize your dreams. Those who say they are old are those who have surrendered themselves to the god of failure.
l.     Your feelings must always be 21 years old.
m.  Don’t be age conscious. Numbers make you sick.
n.   You must know your job well, better than anyone else. 
o.   Good luck is meant for those who are prepared, planned properly and think positively.
3.   Build confidence and destroy fear.
a.   Fear is real and powerful. You have to face your fear and come up with the correct actions in order to reduce or perhaps abolish it. Make a list of things that you fear the most and propose a proper action to cure your fear.
b.   Hope is completely meaningless without action.
c.   Hope needs action to win victories. Those who stay in the mud will be trapped in the mud forever as they are the dreamers.
d.   Work on your personal grooming, give better service, turn worry time to study time, helps others recue their fear through prayers, make sure you know what you are doing and trust your decision.
e.   Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank. Poisoning your mind with negative thoughts will result in earliest death.   
f.   Always recall positive and wonderful experiences. Make them bigger than this world in order to help you to be happy.
g.   Count your blessings. Think of everything that you have that others may not have that should trigger the sense of thankfulness in you.
h.   Prevent self-destruction by thinking about positive matters only.
i.     Always look at the good sides of others even though they may treat you badly and cruelly as no one is perfect and everybody has his or her bad day. 
j.    Always try your best to think right and do the right things.
k.   Always take the front seat. Those who take the last seat are those who believe that they are not important. Consequently they will be treated as a very unimportant person.
l.     Practice making eye contact as it gives you confidence and wins you confidence. Eyes can never lie as it is the window of your heart and soul.
m.  Always speak with your mind, but with respect.
n.   Walk faster as it improves your self-confidence, self-respect and health.
o.   Give a big and sincere smile. Nobody likes a fake. A real smile melts a sad heart and soul.
p.   Action cures fear. Fear multiplies when you fail to act.
q.   Know your five chief assets. Work on your strengths and start with proper actions. Focus on your strengths and think of how you can maximize your potential through all of your assets.
r.    When others greet you, always say “I feel great and wonderful”. When you say “I feel bad”, all the time, people will stay away from you because they do not want to be infected by your negativity.
s.    Always use positive language to encourage others. Examples: You can do it. I know you do better than this. This is very impressive.
t.    Compliment people on their appearance, their work, their achievements, and their families.
u.   Look at things as they can be, not as they are. Focus on other’s potential.  
v.    Always add values to your products or services and don’t forget to add value to yourself. Give more than expected in order to build your reputation.   
w.  A great speech is a speech that gives something valuable to the audience as they leave the hall.
x.   Little things and petty thinking cause quarrels. Small things become global things when you allow yourself to dwell into it.
y.   Don’t allow small things, negative thinkers and petty issues to discourage you from achieving your goals.
z.   It is good to respect yourself. However, you need more than that. You really have to appreciate yourself as waiting for the world to appreciate you can lead to self-destruction.
4.   How to think and dream creatively. In order to be creative, you must dare to be different.
a.   When you believe it can be done, your mind will work hard to find solutions.
b.   Prevent the usage of the word IMPOSSIBLE. It belongs to a loser. Those who say impossible are those who silently want you to do it and have the intention to share the credits with you if you can make it possible.
c.   Welcome new ideas and adjust them to your setting.
d.   Always encourage others to talk in order to win friends. People love a great listener.
e.   Ask others about your ideas to win friends.
f.   Concentrate on what others say. Perhaps you miss something.
g.   Join a group that consists of successful people such as Toastmaster Club.
h.   Don’t let ideas escape. Write them down. Great ideas breed masterpiece.
i.     Review your ideas. Do brainstorming in order to help you turn it into a masterpiece.
j.    Cultivate and fertilize your ideas. Great ideas are nothing without constant care and nurture.  
5.   You are what you think you are.
a.   We have to think that we are really important.
b.   The more you respect yourself, the more others will respect you.
c.   Your look has to be very important through proper dress. You like it or not, people always judge others by the way we look.
d.   Do not ask “point-blank question”. Encourage others to think through constructive questions.
e.   You must think that your job is very important.
f.   Be enthusiastic about your job.
g.   Always show positive attitude in order to inspire others to do the same.
h.   Think like important people think. Use words that show that you are very important.

6.   Manage your environment. Go first class. (Friendly File System)
a.   The mind is the most DELICATE, most SENSITIVE instrument in all creation.
b.   Environment shapes, makes us think the way we do.
c.   Only accept negative advice as a challenge to prove that you can do it.
d.   Don’t let negative thinkers hold you back.
e.   Befriend your environment. Don’t make it your enemy.
f.   Go first class in everything you do.
7.   Make your attitude your allies.
a.   To make others like you, you must first like yourself.
b.   To make others like your subject, you must first like your subject.
c.   To make the audience love your topic, you must love your topic.
d.   People do more for you when you make them feel important.
e.   When you help others feel important, you make yourself feel important too.
f.   Practice appreciation. Do not classify people. 
g.   Call people by their names.
h.   Don’t be too proud of your achievement as everyone is involved throughout the success.
i.     Money is power to help the unfortunate.
j.    Money one of the means to living life fully.
k.   Put SERVICE first and money takes care of itself.
8.   Think right toward people.
a.   Learn to remember names as it breeds mutual respect.
b.   Learn to relax. Tense is contagious.
c.   Prevent yourself from being egotistical. People don’t like those who think that they know EVERYTHING.
d.   Practice liking people. Gradually, it becomes your habit as like attracts like.
e.   Always give spiritual strength to people as they will love you more.
f.   Friendship is not for sale. It has to be driven by sincerity.
g.   Don’t forget people’s names so that they will feel important.
h.   Don’t pretend you like somebody.
i.     Give first class treatment to your clients, employees or colleagues, you will get the same quality in return.
j.    Learn to be likeable because like attracts like.
k.   Don’t blame others when you fail. Analyze the mistakes, and start again stronger.  
l.     Listen more if you want to win friends.
m.  Use action to cure fear and build confidence.
n.   Be a doer.
o.   Don’t wait until everything is perfect as it will never be.
p.   Idea is nothing without action.
9.   How to turn defeat into victory.
a.   Defeat is just an illusion. You can also call it man-made disaster.
b.   Self-critical is constructive.
c.   Don’t wait for others to correct you because you have enough information from previous experiences to prevent failure.
d.   Bad luck loves those who are not prepared. In other words, bad luck belongs to those who fail to take necessary actions.
e.   Failure is always a blessing in disguise if you learn to look at it positively.
10.                Use goals to help you grow.
a.   Always think of what you want to achieve 10 years or 20 years from now.
b.   You can only put your heart and soul into something you really DESIRE.
c.   Doing something you don’t like is killing yourself as you are already dead mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
d.   Those who do nothing but eat, sleep and rock are the ones who will never taste the beauty of success.
e.   A goal, or a big GOAL, will trigger your desire to do so many wonderful things that can help you enjoy a better life that you have now.
f.   Goals give you energy and reasons for you to give your very best in everything you do because you know exactly where you are going.

11. How to think like a leader.
a.   Put yourself in other’s shoes in order to win their hearts. Nobody likes to work for a very selfish boss.
b.   Understand the difference between bossing and leading.
c.   Practice humility because you are dealing with imperfect human beings.
d.   When somebody makes mistakes, do not add insult to injury. Select your words carefully. Talk to them privately. Focus on the improvement. Help them by giving practical suggestions on how they can improve their weaknesses. Always compliment them on the good points.
e.   If you treat them with respect and love, they are willing to die for you.
f.   Always praise anyone at every opportunity as it does not cost you a bank.
g.   Focus on improvement and always practice the highest standards. 
h.   Spend some time alone when you face any problems.  Prayers, silence and meditations can really help you to find solutions.
i.     Leading universities require professor to lecture as few as five hours per week so that the professor has time to think. 
j.    Those who are successful are always active and proactive.
k.   Those who want to get rich quick will never be successful.
This is what I get from the book. If you think that this book is important to you, buy one and enjoy yourself reading it. To Mr. David, thank you so much for sharing this great book. May God bless you and your family.

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