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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How to improve our education system? 
(Part One)

1.       Be affirmative. If we think too much about what others say about our education system, I don’t think we will progress because those who propose may not know our history. We have to be firm with our decision. We are the best persons to decide on the best solutions. It is good to listen to others. However, do we really know about their intention? Perhaps they are trying to destroy our children. For example, we are going to  abolish PMR soon. Is this the best decision? In my point of view, if the students’ lives in school are not challenged, I don’t think they can face all the unbearable challenges as they leave the school. We have to get them to experience the beauty of struggle and failure before we release them into the unknown world. What we need in our education now is the leaders to lead with LOVE, the teachers to teach with LOVE, the students to learn with LOVE and the parents to support with LOVE instead of MACHINE GUNS.

2.       Understand the concept of giving the best when we give the best. If we want our education system to be one of the best in the world or perhaps the best in the world, we have to put ourselves in the teacher’s and student’s shoes. On the teacher’s part, we must understand that effective teaching cannot happen in a classroom if there are more than 30 students in a classroom. There are teachers who have to teach 50 students in a classroom.  If we can build other great and gigantic buildings in our country, why can’t we build schools which are big enough for our children? On the student’s part, if we want them to do well in school, assist them well especially financial and emotional support because they are children. They are not independent enough to be financially and emotionally independent. Furthermore, even some adult fail in these two areas. For the weak classes, the number of students is not supposed to be more than 7. The best is one on one consultation because the weak students are suffering from low inferiority.

3.       Study the effects of seniority. One of the dark sides of seniority is the high rank officers are selected based on seniority. It is not based on credibility, characters and popularity because the promotion is done based on the number of important persons that you know. I suggest that we choose an education officer and the education director based on democracy. We get all teachers and non-teaching staff to choose the best individuals to be the education director, deputies and etc. because teachers and non-teaching staff need a leader who practices servant leadership. We want a leader who is fair, caring, and supportive. If the leader is caring, the teachers will be caring. If the teachers are caring, the students will be caring. When the students are caring, eventually we will have a CARING SOCIETY. Good leadership is very important. Please get the LITTLE NAPOLEON out of the education system.

4.       Study the teacher’s pressure. One of them is, why should husband and wife be separated from each other for years? Teachers are born as human beings. Human beings mean they have feelings. If they are not happy, can teachers create a happy environment in a classroom? If they are far apart, the tendency to be involved in adultery is extremely high. Are we silently encouraging them to practice adultery? The second one is, some teachers spent about 3 to 4 years learning about a subject that they are going to teach in school. Sadly, as they are assigned to their first school, they are forced to teach other subjects which are basically unknown to them. Who will suffer? The teachers and the students will suffer mentally and emotionally as both know very little about the subject. Obviously, the students and the teachers will lose a lot of precious time because the blind is leading the blind. If the teachers are not happy, can the teacher create a happy environment for the students? What is our objective? Is it to make the teachers and students crazy, mad or happy? We have to encourage teachers, students and everyone about the importance of having a balanced life. If we work 24 hours a day, we will enjoy sudden death and nobody will care about our loved ones. Reduce the workload because teachers need time to reflect on what he or she has done in a classroom. Teaching is not all about teaching as teaching is about listening, thinking, reflecting, planning and many more. Please try to understand this deadly pressure. If teachers do not enjoy teaching, can they give their best to your children? Pressure is good but unnecessary pressure or WORRY can really destroy each of us. You cannot see the teacher’s sweat because the sweat is within.

5.       Be fair. Each leader has all the information about his or her subordinates. As you have the all the information, you know who has not received the EXCELLENT AWARD and otherwise. Be fair. Give it to those who have not received it because there must be something special about everybody. Do as God says because God gives RAIN and SUNNY DAYS to everyone regardless of what they do or their background. Recognize them in BLACK and WHITE. Don’t just say it. Write it!

6.       Treat teachers as teachers. What I am trying to say is that teachers have become modern ULTRAMAN today. Why do I say so? Now we have CIVIC EDUCATION. How about religious and moral subjects? Are they not enough? Parents are the ones who should teach the children more about morality, religion and civic education AT HOME. If parents do not teach them about being POLITE, POSITIVE, GRATEFUL, HYGENIC, THOUGHTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and etc. the teacher has to start from zero again as he or she will have to spend a lot of valuable time correcting their manners, mindset, self-discipline, characters and etc. SOME STUDENTS ALSO DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SAY THANK YOU. Parents should STOP giving all their responsibilities to teachers. Teachers are also treated as the parent’s private doctor, secretary or nurse. Can teachers become everything to your children? All the teachers need is your support and understanding if you fail as parents. Do not condemn the teachers if parents themselves fail to educate their own children. Good parents will not depend too much on what the teachers give to their children. They themselves will spend their own quality time with their children at home.

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To be continued…….
Originally written by Mani Jack.