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Friday, December 14, 2012

A love poem for loved ones:

Title: If you turn away..

If you turn away,

I could do nothing but pray,

If you turn away,

You will bring my speakers away,

If you say goodbye,

I promise you I will stop saying hi,

If you say goodbye,

I will forget the definition of word “try”,

If you choose to leave,

I will forget how to breathe,

If you choose to leave,

I will live in a flooded grief,

But if you choose to stay,

Regret is the last word you’ll say,

Because I have a lot of things on my tray,

That will give you chocolate and gay,

As I am meant to beautify your days.

Originally created by Mr. Mani ak Jack

This poem is dedicated to my loved ones and 

anyone who never stops loving one another.

Date: 13/12/2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

Why is EQ (EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE) more important than IQ?

This essay is dedicated to anyone who wants to see improvement in our education system and those who really want to understand the importance of good education.

Academic Essay

Title: Why is EQ more important than IQ?

Kindly refer to this website about emotional quotient or emotional intelligence.

The world today worships the high-tech creation and noble achievements as a result of intelligence. We consider intelligence as a very important element in our lives. Parents send their kids to tuition centre in order to get them to be considered as an intelligent person by the society, peer, neighbours and the world, perhaps. The adult read books of intelligence to make themselves more intelligent. Some go to universities in order to get certificates so that everyone believes that he or she is intelligent and so that he or she has something to show when he or she is visited by family members and foreigners.  As the old saying goes, intelligence attracts the opposites. We have been trained to understand that being intelligent is the best achievement in the world. As we grow up, we begin to question a lot of things about intelligence. Can intelligence really make us happy? Can intelligence really make us feel grateful? Can intelligence really make us kind and loving?  These are the questions that I would like to discuss in the next paragraphs.
Now let me talk about parents first. How many parents care about the children’s feelings today? It is so obvious that parents’ feelings are MORE IMPORTANT than the children’s feelings. Some parents fail to understand that good education begins at home. The children must be taught how to respect, how to be humble, how to deal with failure, how to deal with pressure, how to be happy, how to be thankful, how to acknowledge the presence of God, how to love, how to listen, how to sympathize, how to deal with money, how to speak politely, how to eat properly (table manners), how to appreciate, how to choose, how to think, how to celebrate victory, how to understand others, how to communicate, how to be open minded, how to treat others regardless of race, the importance of being fair, the deadly consequences of racism, how to teach, how to lead and so many other important skills that parents have to do. However, how many parents believe that they are responsible to educate their kids about these essential elements? Sadly today, more and more parents give all these responsibilities to teachers at school. School has gradually becomes a one-stop center, bus stop, hospital, child care center, military camp, punching bag, welfare and counseling department because parents believe that they do not have time to teach all the skills that I have mentioned above. Please bear in mind that those skills are closely related to EQ.  I want to ask you this question. Can the teachers really teach the students about all the skills above without parents’ support? Can the teachers do that with 45 students in a small classroom? Each teacher has at least 125 students to teach each year. I don’t think each parent has 125 children to teach and care for a year. If parents do not understand this figure, good education will always remain a dream for each of us. If parents do not understand that they have no choice but to take and embrace this responsibility, more and more Malaysians will leave this country as good education will always top the list for the well-educated parents. What can we do about this? Focus on parenting skills for newlywed couples. Teach them about how to educate their kids before they start a family. Make it free because the poor ones can never afford it as they already failed to understand the importance of family planning. They failed to educate themselves about anything that they need to know before they get married. They failed to analyze anything that happens around them to prepare them for a marriage.  Parenting skills should be made compulsory and the workshops should be done by parents who did well in educating themselves and their children, not a famous or a funny speaker.
Undeniably, it is good to be intelligent as we will be the centre of reference for the ignorance and the uneducated. However, why do some intelligent people abuse their knowledge? Let us go back to their main intention before they graduated. Let say a man wishes to be a doctor. However, when he was a kid, he had never been loved by his parents. Even his own cousins despised him. However, this man is determined enough to achieve his dreams despite living in poverty as he wanted to prove to the ones who rejected him before that he can also be intelligent, or becomes somebody who is well respected by the society. As he graduated and gradually becomes a doctor, he has two choices. The first one is to take revenge on those who despised him in the past or to forgive them and gives the best service to his patients. This is the most critical question. Can you forgive your past? We always read in the newspaper about doctors and nurses who badly treated their patients. If we look at their qualifications, they do have everything as long as INTELLIGENCE is concerned to be considered as a certified doctor.
Let me give you another example. Good education is the most important agenda in any country that wants to achieve a well developed country. However, are we really giving our children a good education? Are we focusing too much on producing an intelligent human capital? How about the religious and moral education that we give them? Are they enough to make them a versatile human capital? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that getting straight A’s is not important. My point is, the straight A’s are only given to those who excel in academic. How about those who don’t do well in academic? There must be a proper recognition system for them as they also want the same recognition received by those who do well in academic. Why can’t we give them straight A’s in bakery, welding, plastering, wiring and other technical skills? It can be done if everyone really explores the deepest part of a child’s heart.
Now let me talk about the teachers. All of them spent 3 to 5 years at teacher’s college or universities to get the license to teach. The license to teach can also be considered as the license to destroy our children as education is the backbone of a country. How about the teacher’s past? Was it sweet, sour, black, happy, devastating, great or beautiful? Did the teachers learn about counseling skills, social skills, listening skills, loving skills, forgiving skills or anything about feelings at the teacher’s college and universities? They were trained based on theories which do not really guarantee success as we do not share the same settings as the writers of the theories. How many teachers teach from their heart? How many teachers love the students? How many teachers forgive their childhood memories? How many teachers forgive their ex-teachers? How many teachers forgive their own parents? Some teachers treat the students well while some teachers give their students a living hell. Some teachers focus on understanding while some focus on memorizing. Some teachers plant seeds of happiness while some cultivate the culture of violence and hatred in their students. Some teachers inspire their students while some torture their students mentally, physically and emotionally. Some teachers really care about the students while some will ask the students a very hurting question cynically, “who are you?” Why is this happening?   Can we stop it? The government has to offer new courses on EQ at teacher’s college and universities. Teach them how to care, how to listen, how to inspire, how to educate, how to forgive themselves, how to love, how to respond to negative circumstances and etc. if we wish to see improvements in our education system. Teachers must teach with love instead of merely feeding the students with the content of the subject as teaching with love makes students feel that they are accepted and cared for. On the government part, work hard on these three elements which are proper recognition, proper acknowledgement and proper appreciation. If you work hard on these three elements, you will see a huge improvement in our education system because you must understand that teachers are human beings who have feelings and their feelings are very REAL.
Let me give you another example. A man who is an engineer is taught about the mechanics of man-made creations in university. However, did he learn about how to be a human in university? Was he taught about the importance of EQ in university? Did he learn about how to socialize with others? Was he taught about how to deal with other human beings in addition to mastering everything about engines? Was he taught about how to deal with pressure positively in lives?  We have to educate them that this machine is created by men. We have to educate them that human beings have feelings. If an engineer treats others as machines, we will have troubles. It gets worse when the engineer treats himself or herself as machine as he or she denies his or her feelings.
In conclusion, we have to reevaluate our education system and reeducate the minds of our parents, teachers, administrators, leaders, lecturers and our children that our feelings are more important than what we think because positive feelings will always get along well with positive thinking. Don’t you want this world to be inhabited by positive people with positive feelings?

Originally written by:
Mr. Mani anak Jack.
These are the books that I read in order to help me write this essay. I hope that this essay can trigger a new way of how we look at ourselves especially how we deal with our feelings because our feelings affect the way we think. 
1.    Leo F.Buscaglia, Ph.D.: Living, loving and learning.

2.  Norman Vincent Peale: The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking

3.  David J.Schwartz,Ph.D: The Magic Of Thinking Big.

4.  Margaret Nicholas: The world’s Wealthiest Losers.

5.  L. Ron Hubbard: The Way to Happiness

6.  Promod Batra: Simple Ways to Manage Stress

7.  Steve Chandelier: Become The Person You Have Always Wanted To Be

8.  Rhonda Byrne: Secret “The power”

9.  Rehman Rashid: A Malaysian Journey

10.               Azizi Ali: Lahirnya Seorang Jutawan

11. Wallace D.Wattles: The New Science of Getting Rich

12.               Cecil G. Osborne, D.D.: The Art of Getting Along With People    

Friday, November 30, 2012

Summary on the book entitled The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

of the Book
The Science of Getting Rich,
by Wallace D. Wattles.

How can you serve god, yourself, your loved ones and the community if you are poor? Let us be honest with ourselves. We don’t have to be hypocritical on this topic. You have the right to be rich because God wants you to enjoy this life to the fullest. Let me give you a simple example. One day, on the way to the office, you see a boy who is walking to school in a very heavy rain. You pity him so much but there is nothing that you can do to make him go to school without being affected by rainy days because you yourself are struggling financially. However, if you are rich, you can meet the boy’s parents and help them pay for the bus fees for 5 years. You can also give him some pocket money and buy books for him. Do you understand the POWER of being rich now?

What should you do?
1.     First, you have to feed your mind with positive and beautiful thoughts only. If you feed your mind with negative thoughts such as worry, death, accident, aging, stress, poverty, murder, disaster, failure, disappointment, and etc., you will never be rich because you have been focusing your energy on negativity. When you think of negative thoughts, you are actually attracting negative circumstances into your life. Always try your best to feed your mind with positive thoughts such as I can be rich, I can do it, I am happy, I forgive myself, I will give my best, I love everyone, I love my job, I have to be rich mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and etc. Always think about anything that guides you to riches. Always think of anything that can benefit you and yourself. Always think of anything that makes you and others happy. Guard your mind from being attacked by DOUBT, FEAR and WORRY. Try to make it a habit to always think positively. Always look at the good sides of everything because fault finding will not make you happy. Fault finding will destroy your faith and gratefulness. It even creates more sadness in your life and other’s life.
2.     Cultivate the attitude of saying THANK YOU to God and everybody who have been making your life wonderful and full of blessings. If we fail to say thank you to God, our creator, He will never give you what you have been asking for because you have considered yourself as God or Master. In other words, we have to understand that we are servants. Our job is to serve. If we behave like a modern dictator or a modern pharaoh, we can never be rich as we achieve our goal by terrorizing other’s lives. The world is full of opportunities. No one is blocking us from achieving goals. We are the ones who have been limiting ourselves. We are the ones who have been telling ourselves that we can’t do this and that. We are the ones who set the limitations.  We have to demolish the mental block if we wish to be rich.
3.     Then we have to move on towards ACTION. Positive thought without Action will never produce result that we want.  What should we do? Let say you work as a teacher. Give more than what you receive from the government. Give the best in everything you do. Inspire those who work with you. Create a positive environment. Inspire your students. Give them the knowledge that they need to survive in this world. Give them something extra, something that money cannot buy, something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Treat them with love and care and expect nothing in return because expectation can ruin all your good deeds, your faith and your prayer. If you are a doctor, give more than medical consultation. Make your patient happy, comfortable, and secure when they deal with you. Give them more than medicine and antibiotic. Give them some tips on how to stay healthy. Charge them accordingly because if you over charge them, you cannot be rich as you have been abusing your knowledge to make others depend on you as if you are the living God. If you are involved in business, give more values to your customers. Treat your workers as human instead of modern slaves. Give them opportunities to develop themselves. Pay them well because what you want is exactly the same with what they want. Give your customers the best price with best quality. The Universe or Nature will pay you back in full.  

I believe that this world will be a better place to live in if we have many rich people as it can reduce envy and crime. Go for wealth because being wealthy helps you to be a better you and eventually will enhance the lives of others and the most important part is you will have more quality time to serve God. This is what I got from this book. I hope all of us will get something from this book as the mind has to be fed with positive thoughts if we wish to be rich financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Good Luck.
Summarized by Mani ak Jack

Monday, November 26, 2012



If you are rich,
does it give you a license
To grab everything?
If you are a non-smoker,
Does it give you a license
To judge and isolate the smoker?
If you are not a drug addict,
Does it give you a license to frame the drug addict?
If you are right,
Does it give you a license,
To yell at those who are wrong in public?
If you are religious,
Does it give you a license to condemn
The pagans and non-believers?
If you are successful,
Does it give you a license,
To undermine the loser?
If your life is full of blessings,
Does it give you a license,
To label the less fortunate as lazy?
If you are gifted,
Does it give you a license
To discourage the talented?
If you are brave,
Does it give you a license
To threaten the coward?
If you are well-organized,
Does it give you a license
To criticize the messy one?
If you are white,
Does it give you a license
To downgrade the black, brown and yellow?
If you are angry,
Does it give you a license
To punch everything and everyone?
If you are not in a good mood,
Does it give you a license
To ruin other’s beautiful days?
If you are a loser,
Does it give you a license
To blame God and everyone?
If you have the cosmic power,
Does it give you a license
To recreate and decide other’s fate?
If you are beautiful
Does it give you a license
To destroy God’s first child’s life?
If you are handsome,
Does it give you a license ,
To create holes in every women’s soul?
If you are an expert,
Does it give you license
To jeopardize  the lives of the ignorance?
If you are a student,
Does it give you a license
To do anything you want
Just because you are under age?
If you are a parent,
Does it give you a license
To make your child another you?
If you are a victim,
Does it give you a license
To victimize others?
If you are so disappointed,
Does it give you a license,
To darken other’s life?
If you are broken-hearted,
Does it give you a license
To shatter someone’s heart?
If you have a miserable life,
Does it give you a license
To make other’s life miserable?
If you are the product of child abuse,
Does it give you a license,
To abuse your own child and other children?
If you are loyal,
Does it give you a license,
To torture the rebellious?
If you are well-fed,
Does it give you a license,
To laugh at starvation?
If you fail in your life,
Does it give you a license
To drag others to fall with you?
In conclusion,
No one is to blame,
Nothing is to blame
But ourselves,
Who failed to learn from the repairable mistakes,
Who failed to understand that 
nothing can change the horrible past,
Who failed to understand that life is meant to be imperfect,
Who failed to understand the beauty of hardworking,
Who failed to understand that life is full of ups and downs,
Who failed to understand that we can always start again 
and make our life better than before,
As changes must always begin with yourself,
And as long as we know that God is always with us.

Originally written by Mani ak Jack
Inspired by God

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to teach effectively..

How to teach effectively…..

Life is all about choices. We choose every day. We make decisions every day. Ask yourself these questions in order to understand yourself because the first person that we must understand is OURSELVES.

1.                       Do you LOVE yourself?

2.                       Do you embrace your strengths and weaknesses?

3.                       Do you like the subject that you teach?

4.                       Do you understand the subject that you teach?

5.                       Do you like to be taught?

6.                       Do you understand the meaning of learning and teaching?

7.                       Do you like to think?

8.                       Do you love exploring your own weaknesses as a teacher and look for solutions to make your weaknesses your strengths?

9.                       Do you like to motivate others?

10.              Do you like your students?

11.              Do you expect your students to be perfect or to be a great human being?

12.              Do you know that the students are our teachers?

13.              Do you know that teaching makes trillions of dreams come true?

14.              Do you know that teaching makes yourself aware of everything except for yourself?

15.              Do you know that teaching helps you to turn your worst stubbornness into the most solid determination in the world?

16.              You and I know that all teachers in the world make very important decisions every day because those decisions will affect everything that will happen in the future.

17. All of us are teachers no matter who you are because sharing knowledge is our culture as a civilized civilization as it is meant for our survival. 

These questions will trigger a lot of new perspectives in the heart and mind of a teacher only if a teacher understands that teaching is all about making this world a better place to live in before we move on to the Kingdom of God. 

Poem: Causes of War


Title: Causes of War

War happens,

When the beautiful meets the one who is more 


When the arrogant meets the one who is more 


When the rich meets the one who is wealthier,

When the greedy meets the one who is greedier,

When the extreme meets the one who is more 


When the intelligent meets the one who is more 


When the selfish meets the one who is more 


When the brutal meets the one who is more brutal,

When the perfectionist meets the one who is more 


When the religious meets the one who is more 


When the courageous meets the one who is more 


When the dominant meets the one who is more 


When the ignorant meets the one who is more 


When the smart meets the one who is smarter,

When the stingy meets the one who is stingier,

When the forgotten meets the one has  always been


When the tyranny meets the one who is a pharaoh,

When the stubborn meets the one who is more 


When the marginalized meets the one who is more 


When the injured meets the one who is beheaded,

When the broken meets the one who is shattered,

When the crying meets the one who is weeping,

When the darkness meets the one is straight from 


Peace can only be obtained,

If we learn to consider others as our friendly 


In order to improve ourselves,

Instead of viewing others,

As a threat,

As our real enemy is buried deep in ourselves.

 Originally written by: Mani ak Jack