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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How should we build UNITY?

How should we build UNITY?

          To criticize is the easiest job to do in this world. On the other hand, to offer a solution, only those who have great mind and hearts can do it. The same thing goes to the word unity. It is easy to achieve disunity than unity. In order to be united, we have to revisit our political strategies, distribution of economic pies and how we address social issues.

          Let me begin with politic first. Politic is defined as the art of getting what we want. All of us have been playing politics since the day we were formed in our mother’s womb. As we kick our mother’s stomach, that means we are either hungry or thirsty. As we grow up, we continue playing with politics. As teenagers, we play with a lot of excuses and trick in order to get what we want. However, there are two types of politics. The first one is good politic while the second one is bad politic. Good politic is all about getting what we want based on clear and good reasons and also with good intention while bad politic is all about getting what we want through the corrupted minds, wicked hearts and bad intention. In any countries in this world, everything is politicized. However, only a few politicize things due to noble and heavenly reasons. The rest is for self-gain or for the sake of the survival of a particular group.

          In religion, all of us practice politic. Why do we need to use politic in religion? The main reason is because we need money to build religious buildings and to run religious activities. The most critical question is how do we get that money? The answer is politics. That is the main reason why there are so many governments in this world have decided to mix religion with politic. If religion is combined with bad politics, we will see a lot of PERMANENT CONFLICTS and confusion among the followers. In order to prevent this conflict from happening, each religion should be given equal and sufficient amount of money or allocation in order to help them build mosques, churches and temples and to run religious activities. If a particular religious group is sidelined, conflicts and hatred will grow tremendously. We have to be fair with all believers because the main purpose of the existence of all the religions in this world is to create a better person, a person who believes that God does exist and HE is watching us since the creation of man. Last but not least, all religions will remain sacred and holy except MEN. God creates division in order to unite us not to divide us. The division is man-made not heavenly made because God has given us a perfect brain and a complete set of emotions.

          Now let me talk about the distribution of economic pies. The word economy can be a very difficult term to understand. However, let me define it in a very simple manner. Another word for economy is money. When the money sleeps, the whole world sleeps. In other words, if we don’t spend money and invest money, all the economic activities will either be retarded or dead. If your parents make a lot of money, that means your family’s economy is very good. However, if your parents earn a very little amount of money, your family’s economy is very weak. Is it important to build our economy? Is it important to learn about economy? Is it important to understand economy? Is it important to make a lot of money? My answer is yes. How about you?

          Let me begin with a very old but deep Chinese proverb. Don’t give a man a fish. Teach him how to catch fish instead so that he can eat fish every day. Obviously, good education is very important in order to build our economy. A man with a first degree will definitely earn more than those who have no certificates to sell. A man with a lot of knowledge about business will do well in business than those who know nothing about business. Good education is not all about going to the best school and getting the best result on earth. Education is all about life-long learning. Even the world itself is the biggest university. We continue learning as we leave school or universities. That hunger for knowledge must remain strong and active. In other words, each of us must understand that none of us are so great or knowledgeable because basically we know almost nothing. All the expertise that we have today is actually done by God through his mysterious ways and His angels. Without Him and His angels who have been talking to us through our instinct, we would not have been able to bring changes into this world.

          The distribution of economic pies has to be distributed equally in order to improve the current system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. I know that one thing for sure; we cannot find an absolute equality in this very imperfect world. However, it is our obligation to give our best in distributing the country’s wealth. Education opportunities and business opportunities should be given to everyone. Everybody has a dream or a lot of dreams. We must not deny their rights to improve themselves economically. Every child must be allowed and encouraged to make their dreams come true. These opportunities should not be controlled by a particular race or group because God is watching us and His angels are ready to teach a race a lesson of a lifetime.

          A race that denies the rights of other races will see God’s punishment in many forms. We have to bear in mind that God is always fair. A race that abuses the power for the survival of his own race will always suffer. A race that always bullies others will be weak and lost because that particular race has stolen others’ opportunities. It is good to help our own race but we must not torture other races. If we were to help others, help for the sake of humanity, not because their skin is as white or as brown or as black or as yellowish as yours. Racism will divide us further. We should focus on humanity instead of spending too much time and money on great titles, academic excellence and privileges. If we really believe in God, we should try our best in making each of us a true human being, a person who has great minds, great hearts and a clear soul.

          Now how do we address all the social issues that affect how we think and feel every day? These social issues such as drug abuse, racism, prostitution, corruption, power abuse, inequalities, illegal trade, baby dumping, murder and etc. have become more dominant in the newspaper and on television due to its natural and powerful attraction to the accumulation of heavenly wealth for hungry souls and minds and the capitalists. In other words, it seems like we cannot make money if we do not include controversial issues. In general, I hardly see solutions. I only see exaggerations, denial, and fault finding. If we feed the minds of the society with constant negativity, we will definitely breed a series of negativities.

          In my point of view, we do have to report a lot of important events that happen yesterday. However, we have to include more positive ideas, comments, solutions, findings in order to offset all the negative issues that we read in the newspaper. We must understand that words can be very destructive if we fail to choose them correctly. Editors should look at the report from many angels before they publish it. Editors should also visualize the anticipated and the unexpected consequences of the published news because the world is somehow influenced by bubbles or perceptions. Blind perceptions will definitely cause a lot of misunderstandings. Telling the truth can also hurt a particular group or a country. Therefore, the editors should get a lot of comments or suggestions from carefully chosen individuals to give second thoughts regarding any news they wish to publish. Everyone in the news business should work hard on the causes, effects and solutions if we were to achieve the status of a mature and thoughtful civilization. Words can either build or break us.

          In conclusion, to be united is absolutely an achievable dream. However, to maintain that unity requires continuous efforts in terms of good politics, fair distribution of economic pies and a deep thought on how we address critical and sensitive issues in our country. Thank you so much for reading.

Originally written by: Mr. Mani ak Jack
Date: 16th/May/2012 

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