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Monday, July 23, 2012


Topic: Debate (18th July 2012)
Motion: Parents are the main cause of disciplinary problems among students at school.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1.       Present their arguments clearly and accordingly. (debaters)
2.       Defend their stand with strong explanation and relevant examples. (debaters)
3.       Support their team members. (audience)
4.       Respect the speaker (audience and debaters)

Question: What is the longest journey on earth?
Quotation: The longest journey on earth is the journey of knowing yourself.

1. Respect the speakers
2. Know your roles
3. Choose the best debater

1. The teacher greets the students.
2. The teacher checks the cleanliness of the class.
3. The teacher checks the st6udent’s attendance.
4. The teacher makes sure that each student is ready to learn.
5. The teacher gives a brief explanation on the dos and don’ts throughout the debate.
6. The teacher reminds the audience to be supportive.
7. The audience is also reminded to give their full attention.
8. The teacher also reminds them that this is not a reading competition.
9. The teacher also teaches them in general about the art of criticizing. 
10. Then the teacher selects the speaker for that, the timekeepers, judges, and the debating teams.
1.       My own experiences.
1.       The students learn how to work as a team.
2.       The students learn more about their roles throughout the debate.
3.       The students learn about how to present their arguments and defend their stand.

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