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Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to teach effectively..

How to teach effectively…..

Life is all about choices. We choose every day. We make decisions every day. Ask yourself these questions in order to understand yourself because the first person that we must understand is OURSELVES.

1.                       Do you LOVE yourself?

2.                       Do you embrace your strengths and weaknesses?

3.                       Do you like the subject that you teach?

4.                       Do you understand the subject that you teach?

5.                       Do you like to be taught?

6.                       Do you understand the meaning of learning and teaching?

7.                       Do you like to think?

8.                       Do you love exploring your own weaknesses as a teacher and look for solutions to make your weaknesses your strengths?

9.                       Do you like to motivate others?

10.              Do you like your students?

11.              Do you expect your students to be perfect or to be a great human being?

12.              Do you know that the students are our teachers?

13.              Do you know that teaching makes trillions of dreams come true?

14.              Do you know that teaching makes yourself aware of everything except for yourself?

15.              Do you know that teaching helps you to turn your worst stubbornness into the most solid determination in the world?

16.              You and I know that all teachers in the world make very important decisions every day because those decisions will affect everything that will happen in the future.

17. All of us are teachers no matter who you are because sharing knowledge is our culture as a civilized civilization as it is meant for our survival. 

These questions will trigger a lot of new perspectives in the heart and mind of a teacher only if a teacher understands that teaching is all about making this world a better place to live in before we move on to the Kingdom of God. 

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