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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Poem entitled “Can you?”

You cannot be knowledgeable
if you don’t respect the thinnest book.
You cannot do well in academic
if you think that teachers are responsible for your failure.
You cannot be respected
if you don’t respect your very self.
You cannot be strong
if you don’t respect your weaknesses.
You cannot enjoy success
if you consider failure as your number one enemy.
You cannot be brave
if you worship the power of fear.
You cannot be an expert
if you ignore the tiniest detail.
You cannot be a king
if you enjoy being a slave.
You cannot move forward
if you have the attitude of doing just enough.
You cannot be a loving person
if you find everything useless especially yourself.
You cannot forgive
if you think that you are perfect.
You cannot inspire
if you look down at yourself.
You cannot be handsome
if you are too busy comparing yourself to others.
You cannot be happy
if you keep waiting for the world to give you happiness.
You cannot be in control
if you can’t control yourself.
You cannot get the best
if you give 10% to everything you do every day.
You cannot be rich
if you don’t respect the value of ten cent.

Originally created by: Mani Jack

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