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Monday, May 7, 2012

Teenager's Dilemma and its solutions

         Hi everyone! I am Mani Jack. I have something very interesting that I would like to share with you regarding human psychology which is related to how we deal with those who can negatively affect our lives. This article is meant for teenagers, educators and parents who wish to understand more about things that we cannot see that can be very harmful and destructive.

          I always believe that things you cannot see are more deadly than things that you can see. I also believe that most scientists will disagree with me as they are more interested in something that they can see and touch. One of the most dangerous things that teenagers cannot see as they go through the teenage life is ill intention. 

          Ill intention is caused by a person's failure to cope with changes, pressure, competition, ill treatment and sad childhood memory. If all teenagers have a very sharp intuition to see this ill intention through their biological censor (intuition, premonition, instinct), they can prevent themselves from making big mistakes in their lives before they leave school.

          Let me give you a very simple example. When I was at UITM, Shah Alam, my own cousin always persuaded me to drink beer with him. I, being a very sensitive person, I could sense something was wrong as I love to analyse the chronology of sudden changes in a person's behaviour. That cousin of mine had never cared about me before. He hardly talked to me as I came from a very poor family. All of a sudden, he was being extraordinarily kind to me. I knew that he was trying to drag me into his drinking world so that I would lose focus on my ambition to finish my first degree on time. He tried many times to influence me to join his drinking sessions. I turned down all the invitations. He was mad and annoyed as he was a man who could not accept rejection. I was being very affirmative with my decision. As he failed to drag me into his destructive world, he stopped talking to me. I was happy as I could do my core business as usual. Upon graduation, I was told by a friend that my cousin didn't make it. He failed to complete his thesis. He went tome without a degree. I was so glad and grateful that I had made the right decision. I am not against drinking. I am against bad drinking habit. In other words, I don't want to befriend with a drinker or a drunkard who drinks for the sake of destroying his own friends and blood. 

          I believe that you have been wondering how I did it. First of all, as a teenager, you must learn more abut the art of questioning because there are so many people out there who are not as positive as you. You must learn to question everything that is laid in front of you in order to improve your critical thinking skills  and sharpen your intuition. You must not deny the power of your sixth sense. If somebody is kind with you, you must do your own analysis by collecting data about that particular person in order to find out who he or she really is. Do not judge blindly. Let your intuition guide you because your intuition is guided by angels. These angels are sent by God to help you make the BEST decision. If you master the art of questioning, nobody in this world can make fun of you. You will not be colonized by the mentally and emotionally corrupted minds.

           The main cause of choosing the wrong friends is loneliness. I understand that we cannot prevent making mistakes as it is a process of growing up. But I do hope each of you especially the teenagers to take a sit and do a long self-reflection about everything that you have done before. Loneliness is another beautiful form of Satan to take away our concentration on our primary goals. People are lonely because they are so busy looking for good friends. In order to prevent loneliness, we have to learn to be a good friend. If each of us learn to be a good friend, we do not have to play the waiting game as happiness is never meant to be found but created. 

          In conclusion, you as teenagers must try your best to listen to your sixth sense about the upcoming danger as ill intention is colourless and odourless. Good luck and thank you for reading.

Originally created by: Mani ak Jack (English Teacher of Sainsku) 

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