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Monday, May 7, 2012


by Mani Jack

    Created on: May 04, 2010
    Many people talk about honesty and admire an honest person. Honesty is sometimes considered as heavenly attitude. Honesty is said the key to perfect relationship and corruption-free government. In other words, honesty is the opposite word for lie. Ironically, honesty is another form of lie that appears in the name of honesty in order to save the beauty of honesty itself.
    Let me share with you some fine examples that we have seen or heard throughout the course of this life. The first example is when a protective father who tries to prevent his son from playing outside the house late in the evening. The first lie that a father would tell his son is “Get in son. It’s getting darker outside.
    Most of the time, this is the time for wild animals and wild spirits search for their prey.” The son was scared of the fear created by the father that the son didn’t know that his father was actually doing that for the sake of having a sufficient time to watch his favourite movie or show.  
    Perhaps the father never had the intention to tell lies but because of his self-interest, he had no choice but to create frightening fantasy for his son in order to keep things the way he always wanted.
    The second example is, when a husband creates lies throughout the years of his marriage. I believe women are always busy looking for an honest husband, the one who will never think of cheating on them. No matter how honest a man can be, lie is a part of a man.
    An honest husband also has to lie because as long as long wife is concerned, a wife will always consider another woman as a threat. A husband who is having lunch with his colleagues who are woman will be considered as cheating even though the husband has never thought of having any affair with his female colleagues.
    If the wife finds out that his husband is having lunch with his female colleagues, home could be a living hell for at least two days. Pity this honest husband. In order to avoid this long argument, the husband has to lie to his wife saying that he is having lunch with his male colleagues and will create male names.
    The third example is about the government. The government is equal to a group of politicians who have been using and abusing words throughout the years of their involvement in politics. In other words, politicians have to lie due to some strong reasons.
    The first reason is to strengthen the ruling party. For example, they will talk about all the good deeds they have done for the people without mentioning anything that they have constantly destroyed. The second reason is to secure their seat for as long as they breathe.
    As long as I can remember, only a few will step down when the people have lost trust and faith in them. Most of the time, many politicians will do almost anything on earth to keep their position in the government. The last reason is to melt people’s anger towards the government on some critical issues.
    In conclusion, lies and honesty are intertwined since the creation of man.
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