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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Collection of my thoughts and solutions about this troubled and annoying world. 
Mani Jack

The biggest mistake in teaching is too much emphasis is given on daily planning. Having a plan is good, but too much planning does not make you a God because you will never know what you will see and face as you enter the class. In other words, you can never see tomorrow. M.J.

The sickest man is not the man who suffers from tuberculosis or HIV. The sickest man is a man is struggling financially because you can always visit a person who is physically ill. Only a few will visit a person who is financially ill. In other words, if you can find a man who visits you even though he knows that you are financially ill, don’t let him go as he is a true friend. M.J.

If you wish to be an effective teacher, the FIRST thing that you MUST do is create a bridge of love and trust with your students as the law of teaching is very simple; if you love the students, they will love you. If you hate the students, they will always hate you.  M.J.

Your first class degree in teaching is absolutely NOTHING if the students do not like you. M.J.

Great leadership is all about being able to APPRECIATE, ACKNOWLDGE and RECOGNIZE. If these three elements are absent, that is called BAD LEADERSHIP or DICTATORSHIP. M.J.

A teacher can never be perfect because a teacher is an ordinary human being. However, a teacher must never be a racist as racism is the property of uncivilized mind. M.J.

Learning has always been easier than teaching. If a teacher can learn and teach at the same time, that means he or she is a great teacher. M.J.

Plagiarism in school is very destructive because the number of brainless and heartless will increase every year. M.J.

In order to produce a thinker among our students, we must stop SPOONFEEDING. M.J.

Education system must never be affected by racism and favouritism. M.J.
Everybody can brag and criticize, but only a few can really guide, help, inspire and motivate. M.J.

A great teacher is a teacher who leaves a DNA in the student’s blood. M.J.

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