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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Continuous writing (SPM QUESTION)

Title: Parents are mainly responsible for indiscipline among students.
Writer: Mani ak Jack

          In response to the above topic, I would say that I strongly agree that parents are mainly responsible for indiscipline among students due to some reasons. First of all, allow me to define some of the important keywords. The first keyword is parent. Parent is defined as a father or a mother. The second keyword is student. Student is defined as a person who formally engaged in learning in a school or a college. The third keyword is indiscipline. Indiscipline is defined as lack of discipline or control. Even though the students spend more time at school due to a lot of co-curricular activities organized by the school, parents play a vital role as parents are the ones who should build the student’s self-discipline at home.
          The first reason why I agree with the above statement is some parents are being unfair with their children. Some parents do pay too much attention on one of their children causing the other children to feel that they are being marginalized. Consequently, these abandoned  kids will start to rebel by creating a lot of problems at home and at school in order to get the attention and the affection that they long to enjoy as a child. These affected children will continuously find a way to please or hurt their parents’ feelings for the sake of attention. The worst part is, if this pattern continues, the child will grow up to be a monster as his or her mind and heart have been embedded with hatred and anger. Gradually, we may have a very sick society as anger and hatred can be very infectious and deadly. At the same time, we will also have more ignorant individuals due to the increasing number of ignorant parents.
          Secondly, some parents give too much freedom to their children. As the matter of fact, a person who is below the age of 18 years old is easily manipulated and influenced due to their inability to make wise decision. Giving them too much freedom will cause them to abuse the freedom as they do not have the substantial amount of wisdom to judge anything that happens around them. Premature pregnancies, addiction to drugs, illegal racing, fighting, gambling and prostitution are the common consequences of too much freedom. As a normal human being, it is natural for a man to have the desire to be free. However, students must be taught and guided on how to use the freedom wisely. If too much freedom is given to a student without setting a well-planned perimeter, the students will misunderstand how this world runs every day. The students will think that they can do anything in this world and they believe that they will never be punished by the authorities. In this case, the parents should have taught them and explained to them why we have rules and regulations that we have to follow in order to produce a law-abiding citizen.
          Thirdly, some parents are too busy building their career. Being rich or financially stable is everyone’s dream. However, it is pointless to be rich or financially stable if we have society which consists of citizens with satanic characters. Some parents believe that toys, money, hand phones and computers can replace the times that they should have spent with their kids. I disagree as anything that we can buy cannot really satisfy our soul. The worldly items only bring temporary happiness. Therefore, parents should spend some quality time with their children as the joy that the children experience when they are sharing laughter with the parents is something that money can never buy. Furthermore, this family gathering will create a very positive and happy childhood memories that will eventually help the children to be a very happy and positive adult who has a very good self-control throughout his or her life.
          Finally, some parents have a very bad self-control. In other words, some parents fail to control their anger and their dissatisfaction. Consequently, the children will become their permanent punching bag. Some parents will physically abuse their kids while some abuse their kids with abusive words. Obviously, the house becomes the living hell for the children. The worst part is, if the children take all this torture negatively and blindly as they grow up, we are actually expecting more criminals in our street and neighbourhood. At school, these physically and mentally abused children will also abuse the other students in order to reduce their pain and unbearable sufferings. How will the school develop especially in terms of academic if they have a lot of abused kids at school? Let say a school has 20% of problematic students. This group will definitely influence the other students at school. When this group manages to recruit more followers, the performance of the school will definitely collapse. If the parents, teachers and government fail to address this issue properly, seriously and continuously, we will have more schools that will never achieve the standard that has been set by the Ministry of Education.
          In conclusion, parents are mainly responsible for indiscipline among students because self-discipline should begin at home in order to help them to learn effectively at school. Parents should work hard on building the student’s positive characters while the teacher’s job is to equip them with knowledge. If everything is done by the teachers, then that is the sign of a collapsing civilization as home is supposed to be the first university in this world.

Originally written by: Mr. Mani anak Jack
                                    English Teacher of SM SAINS KUCHING
Date: 9/10/2011
“A great essay must always begin with a pile of rubbish.” Mani anak J

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