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Saturday, May 5, 2012


If truth in politic does exist, Nazis should have never killed millions. If truth in politic does exist, North and South Korea should have been able to be together today, enjoying life to the fullest. If truth in politic does exist, Iran and Iraq should have avoided war in the past. If there is truth in politic, developing countries should have never be too far behind the developed countries. Another synonym for the word politic is sweet lies.
            As we all know, politic is all about getting what we want for us, for ourselves, for our own people, for our groups or for our blood. Politic, money and power are just like the concept of trinity in Christianity. It is completely inseparable.
            Politic is far from truth because politic is run by opportunists, liars, dictators, mentally sick or retarded (Hitler for example), narcissistic individuals, heartless and mindless individuals and the kings and queens of denial.
            Since the creation of men, politic has never been given a good name because politic is an abused stage. In my point of view, politic is supposed to help make us live in a better environment under good governance. Sadly, it does not happen as we wish in reality. Politic has been abused due to men’s constant hunger for MONEY and POWER. Most of the time, RELIGION has been abused as the sweetest mask to win votes. As the matter of fact, the ones who abuse RELIGION always look so innocent that people didn’t even realize that this pretender does not even have a bible in his heart and home.
            Let me talk about the local politic. In developed countries, the people have more choices because most developed countries consist of two general parties such as democrats and republican. On the other hand, people’s choices in developing countries are extremely limited due to racist parties. Some governments are even run by dictators. In this case, truth in politic has never existed. The people in developing countries will never be able to voice out their lamentation because their thoughts and hands are controlled by dictators and liars.
            International politic is rather annoying and disgusting because the international stage is full of brown tongue and opportunist. On the media, we were told that these international ties between countries are meant to improve political and economic relationship. Actually, this is not about the country’s economic situation as a whole because it does not reach the ones living in poverty. Let me give a very simple example. Let say my government is looking for foreigner to invest in oil palm plantation. They claim that the government, local companies and investors will help to boost the income of the land owners which belong to the native. Bull shit!!! All are lies!! The exact revenue will never reach the land owners who will be poor forever.
Let me give you another example. Let say my government is trying to promote his products to another country. Let say the country agrees to accept our product. However, that particular country will ask for something in return. He will get his people to work in my country as construction workers, baby sitters and etc. in order to avoid deficit. As long as economy is concerned, a country which exports more products will be economically stronger than the country that imports more foreign products. Obviously, politic is a mean for all countries to take advantage of each other due to currency differences. Sadly, rich countries will always win in this game as they control everything. They control the best technology, the most fertile land, the best wine, the best apple, the best berries, the best weather, the best sea,  the best barley, the best corn, the best weapon and etc. If these rich have everything, why bother helping the developing countries.
Let me give you another lies in politic. The rich from rich countries will try his best to help the moderate earners to invest in developing countries in order to make them richer. Obviously, when there are more rich people in that developed and rich country, they will always control everything. Again this is about CONTROL. Sometimes when I look at this international discrimination which is done by the rich on the poor nations, I feel like it is better for us not to have religions at all in the first place. It is better for us to be pagans. The Europeans who traveled around the world in past claimed that the purpose of that voyage was to promote Christianity. Bull shit!! All are lies!! The voyage is meant to feed Europeans’ gigantic lust as if each island in this world belongs to each White Man in this world. Today, the Europeans themselves go against what they said in the past when they were spreading Christianity. If the Europeans really care, they are supposed to use politic to help the native in developing countries to fight for their rights. In reality, the Europeans will never do that because WE ARE ASIAN. We are not WHITE. Perhaps Jesus asked the British to help the White and ignored the BROWN ASIAN.
Truth can be built in politic provided the ones who run politic are the ones who really fight for freedom and human rights and good governance. Please refer this article to any prominent American and British leaders who have been so selfish, narcissistic, ignorant and heartless. I can only pray to God that One Day God will help the native in Borneo Island to get their properties back because the British and the American will only react after millions of brown Asian die. As the old saying goes, history will always repeat itself. In the past, The British and the Americans were so slow in stopping the Nazis from burning the world. Today, the British and the Americans are making the same mistakes. Procrastination is always their choice because THEY are rich and comfortable. If nothing is done, burn the bible then. Thank you for reading.

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