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Saturday, May 5, 2012


When I was in primary school, I didn’t really understand the meaning of Independence Day. I just joined them shouting “MERDEKA!” during the assembly. I also sang the songs which I didn’t really comprehend as songs can really make people confused, blind, stupid and vulnerable. I was studying at SRK ONG TIANG SWEE, and I thought the world that I was about to live in upon leaving the school was based on the setting that I saw in my class, which was a genuine unity and equality.
As I grew up, I began to realize that the word freedom was and is actually a piece of lie. I don’t really see, taste and feel freedom. RENTAP died as he wanted us to rule the country peacefully together. His death was worthless. Consequently, I have forgotten all the historical dates. I knew everything has been politicized and manipulated by extreme groups. I thought we would be happier and more well-organized once the British left us. I thought the economic pies would be distributed equally. Sadly, the CAKES were controlled by a group of extremists, opportunists and spoiled brats. I thought we would have a fat wallet as our country is the oil producer in addition to the virgin forest and agricultural products. . Sadly, I only see colourful cards in my wallet.
Independence Day is supposed to represent our ability to do the thinking all by ourselves and to reorganize ourselves. However, I can hardly see that. A few people only think and fight for their own blood and skin as they failed to accept the fact that all of us are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Perhaps, the book entitled Animal Farm is written to make people understand that politic can either unite or disunite people. However, some chose to allow the history to repeat itself. Perhaps, we should burn all the history books. In other words, history has it that any race which tries to make itself more equal than the others will always be shattered, cursed and doomed by God. God has never taught any religions to be in charge or to oppress others who disagree with their belief and customs. Only SATAN did that through his most beautiful plans, whispers, lines and masks.
Independence Day should be only celebrated if each us really feel the liberation of our thoughts and wants. Let me give a very simple example. Let say you have five children, throughout your children’s lives, you only give full and special attention to the eldest child. Can you imagine how the other four feel? I believe that the rest of the children will hate the eldest. I also believe that they will be united to defeat the eldest especially in terms of education and business. They will not help the eldest as he has been given all the privileges. As the matter of fact and as written in all historical and biblical books, those who are given privileges will be drunk, lost and retarded forever as God despises inequalities.
In conclusion, I am not ready to sing all the songs related to the Independence Day.  Shouting “Merdeka” is something that I have never thought of. Until all races are treated equally, I will always show my cold responses to anything regarding Independence Day as some groups have never shown any sense of guilt after marginalizing others for decades despite all the beautiful religious lines and masks. I hope God will come to this dark world of hypocrites to help us to whiten earth for the sake of a better world.
Written by: Mocking Bird. 

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