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Saturday, May 5, 2012


If you focus too much on things you hate in school, you will fail to appreciate those who really care about you. M.J.

You hardly sleep at night because you sleep too much in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Change your sleeping habit, and you will see positive result. M.J.

Before you change your friends, before you change your environment, before you change your community, before you change your district, before you change your state, before you change your country, before you change this world, you must first change yourself. M.J.

Don’t ever try to look for happiness because you will never be able to find it because happiness is meant to be created. M.J.

The best student in this world is a student who never forgets how to say thank you. The second best student in this world is a student who knows how to say sorry. The third best student in this world is a student who understands that he or she is just a student, and will always be a student for the rest of their lives. M.J.

Happy is the man who thanks God for everything that he has. M.J.
Defeating others is destructive while defeating yourself is everything. M.J.

Copying your friend’s work is the first step to be a corrupted leader, father, husband, son, worker and friend. M.J.

Full boarding school is created to keep you a WHILE from the WILD so that you can focus on your preparation before you enter the world of adult. It is never meant to put you in a cage as a cage is just a man-made illusion. M.J.

Start by saying “It’s my fault. I’m sorry”.” if you wish to make this world a better place to live in. M.J.

You should never treat anyone or anything as punching bag as the main cause of all the disappointments is yourself. M.J.
Thank you is never enough. You have to do more than words if you wish to get closer to God and heaven. M.J.

All of us are amateur. The real expert is God. M.J.

Start your day with a smile because somebody in this world is not lucky enough to enjoy today. M.J.

If you fail to finish your work today, you will have to work very hard tomorrow as you will have to prepare childish and ridiculous excuses in order to save yourself from punishment or public condemnation. You will also have to suffer from double disappointments. Finally, you will also notice that your worry increases as you will be haunted by your sense of guilt. Therefore, try your best to finish your work today because tomorrow’s business has been carefully designed by God. M.J.

Math of Life: Positive thought (+) positive action: positive result. M.J.

Should you wait until you reach the age of 70 to be WISE, INTELLIGENT, GRATEFUL, THOUGHTFUL, HAPPY and RICH? Should you? No, you should never do that because everything about success and failure is presented to you everyday so that you don’t have to repeat all the sickening mistakes. M.J.

In order to achieve all of your dreams, you must learn to like everything that is required in the process of achieving all of your dreams. If you hate them, those dreams will become dreams forever. M.J.

Getting an “A” is a competition between you and yourself. It has nothing to do with your classmates, schools, parents and teachers as you must first invest in yourself. M.J.

If you have problems, face it and try your best to solve it before it becomes a shadow that is bigger than yourself. M.J.

The fastest way to enjoy all the blessings in this life is by appreciating your parents, teachers and friends because these three elements help create who you are today. M.J.

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night are simple words that people often regard as unimportant. However, if these words are expressed properly from your heart, that particular day will be one of the best days in your life. M.J.

You will never realize how LUCKY you are until you lose it. M.J.
If parents and teachers have to tell exactly what you are supposed to do, it means that you were just born. M.J.

You are great if you can think like an adult when you are still a kid. M.J.

Greet your husband with the best smile when he reaches home as some husbands failed to reach home that day. Your smile will wash away his worry and tiredness. That smile you give will attract more gifts from our Father in heaven. M.J.

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