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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Good education is equal to a good economy.
Mani ak Jack

I strongly agree because a good education is equal to a good economy. However, education today has been heavily and negatively affected by politics.
                 Let me begin with our so called political leaders. Before I proceed any further, let me relate this to an analogy. Angel and demon do exist in this world and the after world. So do demonic and angelic leaders.
                Demonic leaders will always try his best to prevent his people from having a good education because he fears that this new generation would outsmart him because he constantly thinks that this new generation as a permanent threat. I strongly believe that demonic leaders had a very destructive, dark and painful childhood.
                This demonic leader will always make sure that he gives the worst education to his people.  Ironically, demonic leaders will always give the best education to his own blood and cronies because he and his groups wish to stay on top for as long as they breathe. Demonic leaders will always create unnecessary conflicts and issues in his own country in order to keep the people busy and forget about the main purpose of life which is to have a good education.       
                Unnecessary conflicts can be considered as war, international aid (help others but destroy his own people), and changes in system and etc. These political strategies will definitely weaken the education system because the system is changed repeatedly without any clear reason and objective. Demonic leaders will always think of how he should prevent the number of thinkers of his country because he does not want too many people to know about his wrongdoings. 
                Demonic leader will also delay the development of important infrastructure such as road, schools, water and electric supply in order to delay the development of the minds of his citizens. When most of his people are illiterate, it will be very easy for him to control and fool them as the people are being ignorant and unaware of every little evil thing that he does every single day.
                On the other hand, angelic leaders will always think of how he can help his people to be highly educated. He does not consider his people as a threat. He considers them as the country’s asset who can help him make his country one of the most well developed country in the world. Angelic leaders will always spend most of the country’s revenue on education. Angelic leaders normally put more emphasis on building schools and universities. He will also try his best to make schools and universities accessible and affordable to each of his citizen. He believes that when his citizens are highly intelligent, they will be economically independent. Consequently, the country will independent too as the country does not have to import a lot of things because they know exactly how to do so many things as they are nurtured to be thinkers.
                In conclusion, a leader always has a choice whether to be a demonic leader or angelic leader. Our vote is also a choice. Let us make a wiser choice now and tomorrow. 

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