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Saturday, May 5, 2012


Mani Jack Sometimes, when actions are out of the picture, words can best replace them.

Mani Jack Life is full of surprises. Sometimes the surprises can be very negative and deep. However, the negative ones will always be replaced wi the great surprises if we learn to embrace the beauty of life with open heart and mind.

Mani Jack Not wanting to be alone is our nature. Going against it can be very disastrous to our entire life. Being alone is not supposed to be an option if we learn not to be too perfectionist. Obviously, memorizing facts before exam can be very beneficial. On the other hand, trying to memorize all the past can cause you to be completely alone, confused and sad.

Mani Jack Yesterday is the collection of yesterday will remain yesterday...perhaps today can be a better day than yesterday..because yesterday can never be today..

Mani Jack Grateful and blessed are those who remember the ones who gave them knowledge of life as it is not easy to remember.....most people choose to forget...and didn't realize it will come reflected by the cycle of life.

Mani Jack Politic is just like the act of a small kid who is crying, sulking, trampling, shouting and acting, asking for the same thing at a shopping mall, until he gets what he wants.

Mani Jack The most beautiful change ever happens in the world is the change of mind, not roads, buildings, bridges, and etc.

Mani Jack The biggest corruption in the world is when you are not given the chance to taste the birthday cake even though you have contributed some money to buy the cake.

Mani Jack We will never know what was written in heaven. But we know what we are supposed to do based on the information that we get from all of our senses.

Mani Jack Wisdom is defined as knowing what you are doing and knowing what you are supposed to do when you realize something is wrong.

Mani Jack A student will love to go school if a school is better than his or her home. But, if the school is worse than his or her home, he or she will hate going to school every day. On the other hand, if both school and home are the worst places for him or her, then we will start seeing a lot of students loitering at cyber cafe, shopping complex and in the streets.

Mani Jack If a leader wishes to be a great leader, he must understand what will happen if we ask a chef to build an airplane.

Mani Jack Rain is a gift to the desert as love is a gift to the dehydrated heart.

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