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Saturday, May 5, 2012

             Men's main problem is they have too much ego in themselves. Some people think that men are shy. I beg to differ because men just pretend to be shy. They are so scared to lose their face if their proposal is rejected by the women they love. On the other hand, they end up being a person who has nothing to do with their real characters. Last but not least, be true to yourself. A woman does not want to know your weaknesses. She wants you to really convince her that you will be responsible for every sweet words you say. 
            The analogy is very simple. If you wish to catch a criminal, you have to think like a criminal. You have to analyse their behaviour. You have to observe their regular activities. You have to understand the way they think. The same thing goes to winning a woman's heart. You have to think like them and feel exactly the way they feel.  Please do not undermine a woman's ability to observe men because their intuition is very deep. All they have to do is sharpen their intuition as intuition is our biological censor. It helps us to think wisely. Denying the importance of our intuition can be very costly especially when we fail to make the right decision. That wrong decision will be a shadow that will be bigger than ourselves. 
            Let me tell you something. No matter how aggressive, or strict, or how mean a woman is, deep in her heart, she feels deeply insecure. She wants a man who can make her feel completely secure. In general, a woman will leave a man when she feels emotionally and financially insecure. How do you deal with that? Should you show your patience? Maybe you should. But I suggest you to show your courage and confidence when you are dealing with a woman who is strict and aggressive. You don't have to worry about their negativity because this type of woman is pretending to be strong and determined despite the fact that they are actually very vulnerable. In other words they are governed by fear. 
            A woman is interested in a man who has the ability to look straight into the woman's eyes. Our eyes are doors to all of our secrets. Eyes are the absolute answers. Therefore, stay focus on the woman's eyes every time you go out with them. That concentration will help you to win her heart. When she calls you, put aside any distractions that might affect your selection of words. She cannot see you but she can definitely feel you. 
            Before you win a woman's heart, you have to study her family first. Look for the positive sides of it. If you ever find something negative, tell yourself that if you become her husband in the future, you will bring a lot of positive changes in the family. Let me give you an example. Let say her father does not like to cook. When you join the family, cook for them. Gradually, her father will learn how to cook and the best thing is that he will learn to help her mother with the house chores. Let me give you another example. Her father is too strict. Enter that house with a lot of love and laughter. That love and laughter can be very powerful that it can melt all the negativity that you see in that house. Be the solution. You can inspire her father and perhaps her siblings especially her brothers. 
            In conclusion, before you find that ideal soul mate, you don't have a choice but to build yourself first. If you are hot-tempered, learn how to reduce it. How? Very simple. Watch funny movies, mix around with funny people and positive people, talk about positive things and create new hobbies that help you to release all the stress and hatred you have in your heart. If you are stingy, learn to be generous and thrifty. How? Count your blessings. You must understand that being stingy does not attract more wealth. It definitely attracts more problems. Learn to give so that you will receive more gifts and blessings from God.  Your future in-laws will love you. Good luck. 


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