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Saturday, May 5, 2012


When I ask my students about their ambitions, only one or two would want to be a teacher in the future. I asked them why they were not interested. They said, teaching today has been badly affected by dirty politic and parents' constant interruption. I was surprised as they knew the challenges that the teachers face everyday.On the other hand, they also claimed that teaching profession would be their last choice. If possible, they would try their best not to be a teacher. Teaching profession was considered as their worst nightmare.
        I felt quite sad because they gave up even before the war began. I somehow have to agree with my students because teaching profession is indeed has lost its original direction and attraction. However, these distractions or illusions (even though they are so real) will never prevent me from giving the best to my students.
        If you wish to be a great teacher, the first thing that you must have is a solid stubbornness. If you can use this stubbornness wisely, you will definitely be a great teacher. Why do I say so? Some people consider stubbornness as a curse. To me, it is a blessing in disguise as it keeps me moving and alive until today. In other words, if you can change stubbornness into a solid determination, you will be one of the best teachers in this world. As a teacher, you must understand that your students will give up in almost everything they do if the teachers give up. Obviously, the teachers have to be more determined or stubborn in order to get the students back on track.
The second thing that you must do in order to be a great teacher is you must do a lot of self-reflection. Please reflect on your personal experience when you were a student before. Think of the teachers who changed the way you think and the way you feel. Your experience as a student will definitely help you to be a great teacher as you know almost everything that the students want and need in your class and school. These teachers who inspired you in the past will constantly help you in the process of mastering your teaching skills. I hope that you will always make it better then your previous teachers. Make your teaching and learning activities more attractive and interesting. Learn to improvise and you will be an expert.
        The third thing that you must do in order to be great teacher is you must always criticize yourself. Talk to yourself constantly. Think hard on the solutions to any problems that you face everyday. Do not wait for others to criticize you. You should be very hard on yourself. Questions that you should ask yourself. 1. Am I prepared to teach? 2. Am I good enough? 3. Have I been using good English while teaching my students? 4. Is my file system good enough to inspire my students? 5. Which part of me that I should change in order to make myself a better teacher? 6. How can I make the students like me? 7. Do the students understand my explanation? This is a basic list of critical questions that you should ask yourself in order to make you greater than yesterday.
The last thing that you must do is you must believe in God as you must understand that teachers are not perfect. If you believe in God, you will not practice favoritism in class. If you believe in God, you will not sexually harass your students. If you believe in God, you should give a lot of chances to the students to improve themselves. If you believe in God, you will love your students. If you believe in God, you should look at the students strengths, instead of highlighting their mistakes. If you believe in God, you must choose to be a savior instead of being a destroyer. If you believe in God, you should feel guilty if you ever hurt your student's feelings. If you believe in God, you should give your best in class. If you believe in God, you should share all your knowledge with your students. If you really believe in God, you should open your door as wide as possible for your students. If you really believe in God, you should forgive your students as they are too young to understand the law of cause and effect. If you lose faith in God, you will see a lot of destruction in your class, students and you.
        Everybody can be a teacher, but only a few decide to be a great teacher. I hope you are one of them. In conclusion, as the old saying goes, it always between us and God. Thank you for reading. I hope this writing helps you a lot.

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